Currys Selects Accenture and Microsoft to Deliver Core Infrastructure for Gen AI

International omnichannel retailer of technology products and services, Currys, has selected Accenture and Microsoft to deliver the core cloud technology infrastructure that will enable it to leverage the latest generative AI technologies.  Accenture?  Accenture…

What Are ‘Deadbots’?

Following warnings by ethicists at Cambridge University that AI chatbots made to simulate the personalities of deceased loved ones could be used to spam family and friends, we take a look at the subject of so-called “deadbots”.  Griefbots,…
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OpenAI To Boost Training With Stack Overflow Data

A partnership deal between OpenAI and Stack Overflow (the question-and-answer website for programmers and developers) will see the Stack overflow Q&A data used to train and improve AI model performance, potentially benefitting developers…
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Microsoft’s $10 Billion Renewable Energy Deal Fuels AI & Cloud

Microsoft has agreed to back $10bn in renewable electricity projects by Brookfield Asset Management to help it meet clean-energy commitments and provide its data-centres with the extra energy requirements of cloud and AI.  Global Framework…
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Microsoft Deepfakes Too Dangerous For Release

Microsoft says its new VASA-1 AI framework for generating lifelike talking faces of virtual characters is so good that it could easily be misused for impersonating humans and, therefore, Microsoft says it has “no plans” to release…

Stop Your Data Being Used To Train AI

In this insight, we look at the process of AI training, the potential pitfalls of misused data, and what measures can be taken to protect your personal and business data from being used to train AI.  Data – For AI Training  AI…

FM Market Dominance Concerns

Following an initial report on AI Foundation Models (FMs) last year, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has expressed “real concerns” about it and is investigating the dominance of a small number of big tech firms at the centre…

Google May Charge For AI Internet Searches

Google is reportedly considering charging for premium AI-powered Internet searches as the company fears that AI chatbots are undercutting its search engine.  Advertising-Funded  Google, up until now, has relied mainly on an advertising-funded…

The OpenAI Voice Cloning Tool

OpenAI has announced the preview of its (two years in the making) ‘Voice Engine’ voice cloning tool, although there’s no firm release date yet.  What Can It Do?  OpenAI says Voice Engine uses “text input and a single…

Amazon Fined Over “Dark Patterns”

Amazon’s (Luxembourg-based) Polish e-commerce site, Amazon.pl (Amazon EU SARL) has been fined by Poland’s competition and consumer protection watchdog following customer complaints that their orders were being mysteriously cancelled.  Massive…

‘AI Washing’ – Crackdown

The US investment regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has dished out penalties totaling $400,000 to two investment companies who made misleading claims about how they used AI, a practice dubbed ‘AI Washing’.  What…

Your AI Twin Might Save Your Life

A new study published in The Lancet shows how an AI tool called Foresight (which fully analyses patient health records and makes digital twins of patients) could be used to predict the future of your health.  What Is Foresight?  The…

Don’t Ask Gemini About The Election

Google has outlined how it will restrict the kinds of election-related questions that its Gemini AI chatbot will return responses to.  Why?  With 2024 being an election year for at least 64 countries (including the US, UK, India,…

Copilot Gets Plugins And Skills Upgrade

Microsoft has announced that its Windows 11 Copilot AI companion (that’s been embedded into 365’s popular apps) has received an upgrade in the form of new plugins and skills.  Builds On The AI Key  Microsoft says that the new…

Try Being Nice To Your AI 

With some research indicating that ‘emotive prompts’ to generative AI chatbots can deliver better outputs, we look at whether ‘being nice’ to a chatbot really does improve its performance.  Not Possible, Surely?  Generative…

OpenAI’s Video Gamechanger

OpenAI’s new ‘Sora’ AI-powered text-to-video tool is so good that its outputs could easily be mistaken for real videos, prompting deepfake fears in a year of important global elections.  Sora  Open AI says that its new…
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Google’s AI Saves Your Conversations For 3 Years

If you’ve ever been concerned about the privacy aspects of AI, you may be very surprised to learn that conversations you have with Google’s new Gemini AI apps are “retained for up to 3 years” by default.  Up To Three Years  With…
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Robo-Calls Now Illegal In The US

The US The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that robo-calls using AI-generated voices are now illegal. What Are Robocalls And Why Make Them Illegal? A robo-call is a call made using voice cloning technology with an…
Google Robot

Google Launches Gemini Subscription

Google has rebranded its Bard chatbot as Gemini, the name of its new powerful AI model family, and launched a $20 per month ‘Gemini Advanced’ subscription service.  Gemini Advanced  To compete with the likes of ChatGPT,…

AI Can Learn To Be Bad. And Stay Bad.

In a recent experiment where AI was taught to behave maliciously and then taught to stop, the bad behaviour continued despite efforts to stop it, giving a chilling reminder of the potential threats of AI.  The Experiment  The Cornell…

How Fair And Effective Are AI Recruitment Platforms?

With more companies using AI to screen CVs and candidates’ body language during interviews, we look at what this could mean for today’s job applicants.  Widely Used  IBM research from November last year shows that 4 out of 10…

Copilot Product Update – Some Pros And Cons

Following Microsoft’s recent announcement that it is expanding its Copilot product line-up to appeal to a larger range of businesses, we take a look at what this means and some of the stand-out pros and cons.  Copilot  In…

New Certification For Copyright Compliant AI

Following many legal challenges to AI companies about copyrighted content being scraped and used to train their AI models (without consent or payment), a new certification for copyright-compliant AI has been launched.  The Issue  As…

Microsoft Releases Copilot for Microsoft 365

Microsoft have released Copilot for Microsoft 365.  This is a paid version of Copilot that sits in your existing Office apps and can significantly boost your productivity.  The UK cost is £296.40 (+VAT) per year.  Here’s how it can help. Microsoft…

Google’s AI Discovers 380,000 New Materials

A new AI tool called GNoME from Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence lab has reportedly discovered and contributed nearly 380,000 new compounds to the Materials Project, the open-access database founded at the Department of Energy’s…
Car AI

ChatGPT Inside Vehicles Opens Possibilities

Following the news that Volkswagen (VW) is to add ChatGPT to the IDA voice assistant in its cars and SUVs, we look at what this could mean for the direction of technology for cars.   Adding ChatGPT  At the current CET in Las Vegas,…
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AI Key Added To Microsoft Keyboards

In the first change to Microsoft keyboards in 30 years, an AI key is to be added to Microsoft Windows 11 PC keyboards from February.  Copilot Key  In a move that Microsoft says will make “2024 the year of the AI PC” and…
Passport and plane

UK ‘Passportless’ eGates

A recent Times report highlighted how Phil Douglas, director-general of the UK Border Force, aims to replace the UK’s physical passport-based entry system with an upgraded, frictionless, facial recognition-based e-Gates system.  Current…

NY Times Sues OpenAI And Microsoft Over Alleged Copyright Breach

It’s been reported that The New York Times has sued OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging that they used millions of its articles without permission to help train chatbots.  The First  It’s understood that the New York Times (NYT)…
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Antitrust : OpenAI And Microsoft

Following the recent boardroom power struggle that led to the sacking and reinstatement of OpenAI boss Sam Altman, Microsoft’s relationship with OpenAI is now under US and UK antitrust scrutiny.  What Happened?  A recent boardroom…

New EU AI Regulations

Following 36 hours of talks, EU officials have finally reached a historic provisional deal on laws to regulate the use of artificial intelligence.  The Artificial Intelligence Act  The Council presidency and the European Parliament’s…
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Google’s Ultra-Powerful Gemini AI

Google has announced the phased rollout of its new ‘Gemini’ family of large language models with the Ultra version said to rival the abilities of OpenAI’s GPT-4.  What Is Gemini?  Gemini, which Google describes as its “newest…

$4 Jobs Cheque Sells For $46,063

A single 1976 $4.01 cheque from (and signed by) Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been sold at auction for a whopping $46,063.  The cheque, written just four months after Apple was founded, was written for a purchase at Radio Shack, where…

Amazon Launching ‘Q’ Chatbot

Following on from the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard (and Duet), Microsoft’s Copilot, and X’s Grok, now Amazon has announced that it will soon be launching its own ‘Q’ generative AI chatbot (for business).  Cue…

AI Job Risks – Finance & Insurance

Analysis by the Department for Education’s Unit for Future Skills to try and quantify the impact of AI on the UK jobs market found the finance and insurance sector was more exposed than any other.   The Analysis  “The…
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Police Warnings Over iOS 17’s NameDrop

It’s been reported that iOS 17’s new NameDrop feature has prompted the Police to issue warnings to parents on social media (in the US) about its potential to be abused, possibly posing a risk to their children.  NameDrop, introduced…
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3000% Increase in Deepfake Frauds!

A new report from ID Verification Company Onfido shows that the availability of cheap generative AI tools has led to Deepfake fraud attempts increasing by 3,000 per cent (specifically, a factor of 31) in 2023. Free And Cheap AI Tools  Although…

Tech Insight : A Dozen Ways Copilot Can Help Your Business

With Microsoft’s Copilot AI assistant now embedded within the Microsoft 365 apps and services to help users save time and increase productivity, we look at a dozen things you can do with Copilot to help your business.  Microsoft 365…

Autumn Statement Suggests IT Spending Boost

The announcement of measures intended to boost investment in innovation and technology in UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement could mean increased spending on IT and AI.  Measures To Boost The Tech Sector The UK Chancellor’s…

ChatGPT Voice Free To All iOS Users

OpenAI’s president and co-founder, Greg Brockman, has announced that ‘ChatGPT Voice’ in its ChatGPT app, previously only available to Plus and Enterprise subscribers, is now available free to all iOS and Android users.  ChatGPT…
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9 Smart Ways for Small Businesses to Incorporate Generative AI

There is no escaping the relentless march of AI. Software companies are rapidly incorporating it into many business tools. Many people are still concerned about where AI will go. But there is no denying that it makes certain work more efficient.…
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Warning Over Lessening Of AI Facial Recognition Supervision

Computer Weekly recently reported that in an interview with the outgoing England and Wales biometrics and surveillance camera commissioner, Professor Fraser Sampson, he warned of the declining state of oversight in AI facial recognition surveillance…

Major Upgrades To ChatGPT For Paid Subscribers

One year on from its general introduction, OpenAI has announced some major upgrades to ChatGPT for its Plus and Enterprise subscribers.  New Updates Announced At DevDay  At OpenAI’s first ‘DevDay’ developer conference on November…
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Musk Launches Preview of Grok AI Chatbot

Elon Musk’s ‘xAI’ company has launched the preview of ‘Grok’, a new and rebellious AI chatbot that’s modelled after the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Grok  Grok is Musk’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s…
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New Wearable Smartphone AND Virtual Assistant

Humane has announced the release of its Apple-style AI-powered badge/pin wearable that combines a smartphone with virtual assistant capabilities for when you’re on the move.  Humane  Humane, a startup founded by ex-Apple design…
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UK’s AI Safety Summit : Some Key Takeaways

Following the UK government hosting the first major global summit on AI safety at historic Bletchley Park, we look at some of the key outcomes and comments.  Summit  The UK hosted the first major global AI Safety Summit on…

Copilot Can Attend Meetings For You

Following trials, Microsoft’s AI assistant ‘Copilot’, which can even attend meetings for you, will be generally available to all Microsoft 365 Enterprise customers from 1 November. Copilot First introduced in March 2023 and rolled…

21-Fold Increase in AI-Assisted Jobs

Human content writers have surged in demand recently, as part of a broader effect, where ‘prompt engineers’ have seen salaries of $300,000. LinkedIn’s figures show that job posts in English with references to “GPT” or “ChatGPT”…

Google Offers Protection From AI-Related Lawsuits

Google Cloud has announced in a blog post that if customers are challenged on copyright grounds through using its generative AI products (Duet AI), Google will offer limited indemnity and assume responsibility for the potential legal risks…

How A Norwegian Company Is Tackling ‘AI Hallucinations’

Oslo-based start-up Iris.ai has developed an AI Chat feature for its Researcher Workspace platform which it says can reduce ‘AI hallucinations’ to single-figure percentages.  What Are AI Hallucinations?  AI hallucinations, also…

AI Energy Usage As Much As The Netherlands

A study by a PhD candidate at the VU Amsterdam School of Business and Economics, Alex De Vries, warns that the AI industry could be consuming as much energy as a country the size of the Netherlands by 2027.  The Impact Of AI  De…
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Safety Considerations Around ChatGPT Image Uploads

With one of ChatGPT’s latest features being the ability to upload images to help get answers to queries, here we look at why there have been security concerns about releasing the feature.  Update To ChatGPT  The new ‘Image input’…

Live Information From ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has announced that as part of three big changes, it can now access current information by browsing the internet.  Previously   Prior to the new (Beta) change, ChatGPT had only been trained on information up until…

Zapier Launches New AI-powered Business Diagramming Tool

Zapier, the company behind the automation tool that lets apps link up to each other, has announced the launch of ‘Canvas,’ an AI-powered diagramming tool to help visualize, plan, and automate business-critical processes.  Why &…

Adobe Photoshop On The Web Arrives…With AI Features

After a long beta testing wait, Adobe Photoshop for the Web (which includes Firefly generative AI features) is now available as part of all Photoshop plans.  Major Milestone  The release of Photoshop on the web, which Adobe describes…

Google’s Bard Now Manages Your Email

Google has announced that it is embedding its ‘Bard’ chatbot into its apps and services with the launch of ‘Bard Extensions’.  Bard  In a similar way to Microsoft’s Copilot, Google’s own ‘Duet’ (for Google Cloud…

Volunteer To Be A Cyborg, Anyone?

Elon Musk’s neurotechnology company Neuralink has announced that it’s looking for recruits for its first in-human clinical trial of a brain implant.  Approved  Neuralink says that it has received approval…

Copyrights Conundrum: OpenAI Sued

It’s been reported that a trade group for U.S. authors (including John Grisham) has sued OpenAI, accusing it of unlawfully training its chatbot ChatGPT on their work.  Which Authors?  The Authors Guild trade group has filed the…

Google’s Answer To Copilot

In this article, we take a look at what Google’s ‘Duet’ is, it’s features and potential benefits to businesses, and the price.  Duet  Introduced in May this year, Duet AI in the Google Cloud is essentially Google’s answer…

Watermark Trial To Spot AI Images

Google’s AI research lab DeepMind has announced that in partnership with Google Cloud, it’s launching a beta version of SynthID, a tool for watermarking and identifying AI-generated images.  The AI Image Challenge  Generative…

Zoom Data Concerns

In this article, we look at why Zoom found itself as the subject of a backlash over an online update to its terms related to AI, what its response has been, plus what this says about how businesses feel about AI.  What Happened?  Communications…

Opting Out Of AI-Targeting

The EU’s new Digital Services Act allows social media users to opt out of AI personalised content feeds based on relevance.  What Is The DSA?  The Digital Services Act is a new EU Law designed to protect users. It applies to any…
Open AI

70% Of Companies Used Generative AI

A new VentureBeat survey has revealed that 70 per cent of companies are experimenting with generative AI.  Most Experimenting and Some Implementing  The (ongoing) survey which was started ahead of the tech news and events company’s…
Chat GPT

New Chatbot Attack : “Unstoppable”

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have reported finding a simple way to exploit a weakness and disrupt major chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard, and others.  Incantation  The researchers discovered that if they add specifically…

What Is ‘Synthetic Data’ ?

In this insight, focusing particularly on AI and ML, we look at what synthetic data is, where it comes from and what it’s used for, its challenges, and the implications for businesses.  What Is Synthetic Data?  Synthetic data…
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Seven Safeguarding SamurAI ?

Following warnings about threats posed by the rapid growth of AI, the US White House has reported that seven leading AI companies have committed to developing safeguards.  Voluntary Commitments Made  A recent White House fact…
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Money Saving Expert Chatbot

MSE Chat GPT is a recently launched experimental AI chatbot that can answer money questions using MoneySavingExpert guides as its primary source.   MSE ChatGPT – Get Fast Answers To Money Questions  Recently launched by TV’s…

What Are ‘Deepfake Testers’ ?

Here we look at what deepfake videos are, why they’re made, how they (might) be quickly and easily detected using a variety of deepfake detection and testing tools.  What Are Deepfake Videos?  Deepfake videos are a kind of…

36 Cents per Chat Query Prompts $30 Microsoft Fee

Microsoft’s announcement of pricing for its AI productivity suite 365 Copilot shows its intent to monetise its AI, ending any expectations of free AI provision.  Furthering Its (Monetising) Ambitions – Microsoft 365 Copilot &…

AI Fears Prompt Hollywood Actors To Strike

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), the US actors’ union with 160,000 members has gone on strike mainly over fears that AI will reduce earnings and damage their profession.  New…

New Sketch-To-Image AI Tool Launched

London and San Francisco–based start-up Stability AI has announced the launch of ‘Stable Doodle’, a sketch-to-image AI-based tool that converts a simple drawing into a dynamic image.  Creates An Image From A Simple Doodle and…

Musk’s New AI Company’s Mission To “Understand The Universe”

There’s nothing like setting the bar high and Elon Musk recently announced in a Twitter Spaces audio chat that the purpose of his new AI company, xAI, will be to “understand the universe”.  What Is xAI?  xAI is Elon…

How ‘Copilot’ Can Help Your Business

In this tech insight, we take a look at what Microsoft 365 Copilot is, how it is being used, and how it can help your business.   What Is Copilot?   Introduced in March 2023, Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI assistant that’s…

Voice Changers

In this insight, we look at ‘voice changers’, technology that lets users change and disguise their voices in real time and in playback.  What Do They Do & How?  Voice changing software (and hardware) alter the sound of a…

AI Improving Coding & Data Sorting

Google DeepMind’s AlphaDev artificial intelligence (AI) system has produced new algorithms that can write code better than humans and could create better programs.  Discovering Enhanced Algorithms  In a recent research paper,…

Force Your Android Screen to Be Bright – Even When You’ve a Low battery

If you've less than a minimum threshold of battery life left, Android Phones typically automatically dim the screen (making it almost unreadable) sometimes when you need to be able to read it the most! If you want to force it to be bright (even…

Disable Read Receipts In WhatsApp

WhatsApp shows blue ticks to indicate when your messages have been read by the recipient. If you want to disable read receipts and prevent others from seeing when you've read their messages, you can turn off this feature. Here's how: Go…
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AI Could Drive Us To Drink Says New Research

An American Psychological Association research paper predicts that that as workers interact with AI systems (and rely more on them), this could lead to social disconnection at work, feelings of loneliness, and even insomnia and alcohol consumption.  Work-Related…

Meta’s New ‘Human-Like’ AI Image Generator

Meta has announced the introduction of I-JEPA, an AI model that generate images that can create the most human-like images so far and is “a step closer to human-level intelligence in AI”.  Overcomes Previous Limitations  Meta…

How To Use ChatGPT as a Collaborative Brainstorming Tool

If you're working alone but need to brainstorm, you can use ChatGPT as an effective collaborative brainstorming tool, inspiring innovative thinking and generating fresh insights. Here's how: Set the Context: Open ChatGPT, set 'New chat'…

The Impact of Generative AI On Datacentres

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT plus the rapid and revolutionary growth of AI are changing the face of most industries and generating dire warnings about the future, but what about the effects on datacentres?  Data Centres And Their…
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EU Wants AI-Generated Content Labelled

In a recent press conference, the European Union said that to help tackle disinformation, it wants the major online platforms to label AI generated content.  The Challenge – AI Can Be Used To Generate And Spread Disinformation  In…

UK Will Host World’s First AI Summit

During his recent visit to Washington in the US, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the UK will hosts the world’s first global summit on artificial intelligence (AI) later this year.  Focus On AI Safety The UK government…

Police Facial Recognition – The Latest

With the Metropolitan Police Services’ (MPS) director of intelligence recently defending and pushing for a wider rollout of facial recognition technology, we look the current situation, the likely way forward, and its implications.  What…

Are Drone Wars Getting Closer?

With the UK, US, and Australian military trialling the use of ‘AI drone swarms’ that can overwhelm enemy defences, we look at whether drone wars could soon become a reality.  UK Drone Swarm Trial  The first UK military trial…

Musk’s Brain Chips Ready For Humans

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain-machine interface device company has been given the green light from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin a clinical study with humans as subjects.  What Is Neuralink?  Neuralink is a…

New AI That Generates 3-D Models From Text

The Shap-E AI system from OpenAI (creators of ChatGPT) and available for open-source download, can create 3D models from text.  What Is It?  According to the Cornell University researchers behind the system, Shap-E is “a…

ChatGPT Banned At Apple

Apple has reportedly banned the internal use of ChatGPT and other chatbots plus AI writers like Bard, Copilot and GitHub to prevent the sharing of sensitive company information.  Internal Document Seen  The ban came to light following…

How To Delete Your ChatGPT Conversation History

If you’d like to protect your privacy and the privacy of your business in terms of what you share with ChatGPT, here’s how to delete your ChatGPT chat history:  Sign-in to your ChatGPT account and click on the three dots next to your…
Open AI

Handy AI Resources For Your Business

In this article, we look at 20 handy AI sites that could help save time, make life easier and boost your business.  1. Pictory – https://pictory.ai/  Pictory offers a way to automatically create short, sharable…

20 Helpful ChatGPT Prompts

Using the right prompts is the way to quickly get the best responses from ChatGPT and here are 20 helpful ChatGTP prompts that you may want to try.  20 Productive Prompts  Here are 20 top prompts you can copy and paste into…

Use the ‘Autocomplete’ Command In ChatGPT

If you need to complete a sentence or get creative when writing some content but don't have the time or are struggling to come up with new ideas, using the "/autocomplete" command in ChatGPT can help. Here's how: "/autocomplete" is a command…

What If AI Goes Bad?

Following “AI Godfather” Dr Geoffrey Hinton’s departure from Google to talk about the dangers of AI, we look at what the threats could be and what this could mean for businesses. Departure From Google Dr Geoffrey Hinton was dubbed…

Making ChatGPT Produce Answers In Tabular Format

If you’d like to save time and stay organised by getting outputs from ChatGPT that are already in tabular format, here’s how:  - Ask ChatGPT to list the benefits of two or more different ways of delivering a list, and to answer…
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The UK’s New AI Taskforce

In this article, we look at the reasons for the government’s formation of the Foundation Model Taskforce, and how the DeepMind and Google Brain tie-up could solve some big issues for Alphabet in the AI world. £100 Million Investment In…

Tech Tip – Using The “Debug” Command To Clarify In ChatGPT

If you are unsure why ChatGPT provided a certain response or want to see how it arrived at a particular conclusion, you can use the “Debug” command. Here’s how:  Using the “Debug" command followed by your question will make…
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Google To Use Generative AI For Ad Campaigns

A report in the Financial Times (drawing upon an internal Google Presentation) claims that Google plans to use AI to generate new advertisements, drawing upon those already created by humans.  Creates The Ads For You  The use of…

Tech Tip – Ask For Sources In ChatGPT

If you’ve produced some content using ChatGPT and, knowing that it can sometimes generate incorrect information, would quickly like to check that the source data is from reputable sites, here’s how: In the window below the last response…

Amazon Launches AI App-Building Platform

Amazon has announced the launch of ‘Amazon Bedrock,’ a new service which it says is the easiest way for customers to build and scale generative AI-based applications using foundation models (FMs).  What Is A Foundation Model (FM)?  A…

What Is ‘Jailbreaking’ ChatGPT?

In this insight, we look at the ‘Jailbreaking’ concept in ChatGPT and other LLMs, and at what steps can be taken to mitigate the risks to users.  Jailbreaking  Jailbreaking, in general, refers to the process of removing restrictions…

Don’t Get Sued For Using ChatGPT

One recent example of how ChatGPT may be the subject of a defamation lawsuit after it reportedly created completely incorrect (and highly damaging) content is in the case of Brian Hood, the mayor of Hepburn Shire, 120km northwest of Melbourne,…
writing notes

Legal Aspects Of Online Writing And Publishing

With ChatGPT’s makers OpenAI facing a possible defamation lawsuit from an Australian mayor, we look at the legal aspects of online writing and publishing.  Defamed?  Last November, when ChatGPT was first released for public use,…

Beware Increasing Deepfake Voice Scams

There have been reports of scammers are using the latest AI deepfake voice clones to sound like family members in distress to swindle relatives out of money.  AI Voice Technology  The kinds of artificially generated voice technology…
parking ticket

ChatGPT Gets User’s Parking Ticket Revoked

Following the news that a student made a successful appeal against a parking ticket by using a letter written by the ChatGPT chatbot, we look at how it happened, how to get the best results from ChatGPT, and we look at some of the recent concerns…

ChatGPT Freed To Access The Web Via Plugins

Conversational chatbot ChatGPT’s creators OpenAI have announced that ChatGPT will now be able to use plugins to improve its capabilities and outputs.  Plugins Coming To ChatGPT  It’s been announced that  OpenAI will be “gradually” enabling…
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Working Trends And The Effects Of AI

In this article, we look at how generative AI could change work and jobs going forwards, plus how it could help businesses adopt new work trends such as a 4-day week.  The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – A Timeline  AI…

Microsoft 365 Gets ChatGPT Technology Called ‘Copilot’

Microsoft has announced that it is to help users save time and increase productivity by embedding its AI chatbot ‘Copilot’ into popular Microsoft 365 apps.  Embedded In Popular Apps  Microsoft says that the Copilot chatbot…
MS o365

Featured Article : ChatGPT-3(4…5…?) : What’s Going On?

Following the news that Microsoft will soon be integrating Copilot, an AI large language model (LLM) like the one behind ChatGPT, into Microsoft 365, we look at how this will help businesses, what OpenAI’s GPT-4 will bring, and Google’s…
Open AI

Business ChatGPT API Launched

OpenAI has announced the general release of API access to ChatGPT and their ‘Whisper’, which is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) AI model.  What Does This Mean?  An API is a set of protocols, routines, and tools for building…
Computer clock

Could ‘Organoid’ Computers Be Next?

Researchers from the John Hopkins University working with Dr Brett Kagan (chief scientist at Cortical Labs in Melbourne) have reported that brain ‘organoid’ biocomputing devices could be the next ‘big thing’ in computing.  What…

ChatGPT £16 Monthly Subscription Trial Begins

The inevitable monthly subscription for ChatGPT is a step closer following the introduction of a trial ‘ChatGPT Plus’ service in the US priced at $20 (circa £16) per month.  Just The US For Now  OpenAI say that the new…
Google device

Google Launching ChatGTP Rival ‘Bard’

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichia, has announced that Google will be launching its rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT called ‘Bard’ “in the coming weeks” following its final testing stage.  What Is Bard?  Referred to as ‘Apprentice…
office worker

Tech Insight : Novel Ways To Use ChatGPT

With OpenAI’s ChatGPT making the headlines and quickly becoming a useful tool for many businesses, here we look at some of the more novel ways to use this innovative technology.  20 Ways Here are 20 ways to use ChatGPT that you…

OpenAI And Microsoft

OpenAI and Microsoft have announced that they are extending their partnership to work on more AI research and development.  What Is Open AI?  OpenAI is a San Franciso based research organisation/capped-profit company that develops…
cam meeting

Deepfaked Eyes On Video Calls

A new AI feature for Nvidia’s Broadcast client will overlay your eyes with some deepfake ones which are always looking at the camera.  Eye Contact Feature  The ‘Eye Contact’ feature has been designed to make users/content…
mobile phone user

What’s All The Fuss About ChatGPT?

In this article, we look at what ChatGPT is, what it can do, and what type of businesses could get the most out of it. What Is ChatGPT?  Released by OpenAI in November 2022, ChatGPT is a free, text-based AI Chatbot that can answer…

AI Content Legal Challenges

Following a copyright lawsuit against an AI code generator and industry questions about who actually owns images made by AI text-to-image generators, we look at the legal issues (and others) surrounding generative AI.  The Issue  The…
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Amazon’s Sparrow Robot Could Replace Humans

Amazon is reported to be testing the machine learning ‘Sparrow’ robot arm that could handle 65 percent of its 100+ million diverse parcels.   Challenge  Although Amazon already uses robot arms called ‘Robin’ and ‘Cardinal’…

‘PimEyes’ Search-By-Photo Stalker Scare

Privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch has filed a complaint to the ICO that the face recognition search engine PimEyes may be unlawful, plus it could be enabling surveillance and stalking.  What Is PimEyes?  PimEyes is a search…
EU Flag

EU Makes It Easier To Sue Over AI Accidents

A new set of European Commission rules, called the AI Liability Directive, could make it easier for people injured in AI accidents to sue.  Why?  The European Commission says that the new proposals, which could become the first-ever…
Tesla Robot

Musk Presents Humanoid Robot

Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk has introduced a prototype humanoid robot named Optimus to attendees and the cameras at Tesla’s recent AI Day 2022 event.  Useful Humanoid Robot  Mr Musk told the audience that the idea behind…

Google Sacks Engineer Who Said AI Chatbot Was Sentient

Google has sacked senior software engineer Blake Lemoine, who made the news after saying that Google’s LaMDA chatbot’s responses to questions showed that it was a sentient being.  What Happened?  Back in June, Google engineer…
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How To Fake Someone’s Voice

Following recent security concerns about Amazon’s plans to enable Alexa to mimic voices, we look at how easy it is to do, what the benefits are, and what risks it poses.  Alexa The Mimic  Recently, Amazon announced that it was…
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Why AI Systems Can’t Patent Inventions …Yet

Following a recent Intellectual Property Office (IPO) consultation, it has been decided that AI will not be allowed to patent inventions.  What’s The Issue?  As highlighted by a legal battle dating back to 2018, some people believe…
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Age Check Face Scan For Instagram

Social media app Instagram has announced that it is testing new methods for age verification of users, including the use of a video selfie.  What Are The Issues?  This latest announcement by Meta’s (Facebook) Instagram is an extension…
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Google Offers Job Interview ‘Warmup’ Tool

The new AI-based interview Warmup tool from Google uses questions from a series of industry experts to help users prepare for job interviews.  Tech Jobs And Skills Gap  Googe says that this news Interview Warmup tool was developed…

1000+ ‘Deepfakes’ On LinkedIn

Researchers from the Stanford Internet Observatory have reported finding more than one thousand ‘virtual’ employees on the LinkedIn platform.  Faces Created By Artificial Intelligence  Virtual employees in this case are AI-generated…

£23 Million For AI And Data Science Scholarships

The UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has announced funding of up to £23 million for AI and data conversion courses in England. Help Underrepresented Groups To Join World-Leading Industry The government…

Alexa’s Shocking Suggestion

A mother took to Twitter to complain that Alexa had suggested to her 10-year-old daughter that she play a game that involves touching the prongs of a live plug with a penny! Playing The mother, Kristin Livdahl (of Minnesota,…

World’s First “Living Robots” Can Now Reproduce

US-based scientists have reported creating “living robots” that can now re-produce. Next Step From Last Year Last year, a team of US scientists reported creating ‘living robots’ which were actually bundles of stem cells from African…

Featured Article : Why is Data Science … Big?

In this article we look at what data science is, and what is driving its growth and value to businesses and organisations worldwide. Data Science Data science uses multiple disciplines, scientific methods, and processes (e.g. domain expertise,…
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AI Designs, er, AI Chips … Better Than Humans, Says Google

AI can now design AI chips hundreds of times faster (and better) than humans. Where will this lead? A recent research paper has described how a deep reinforcement learning approach to chip ‘floorplanning’ has led to AI generating…
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AI Keystroke Spy Tools

With AI recently in the spotlight in Europe over the need to regulate over some ‘unacceptable use’, some experts are warning of the threat of AI keystroke reading spy tools. Possibilities Companies like TypingDNA developing AI biometric…
Business Intelligence

Tech Insight – Business Intelligence

In this article we look at ‘business intelligence’, how it can be obtained, and why it’s important. Business Intelligence Business Intelligence refers to how a company/organisation can use its historical data to improving strategic…
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EU To Ban “Unacceptable” Use of AI

Following last week’s leak of proposed new rules about the use of AI systems, The European Commission looks likely to ban some “unacceptable” usage of AI in Europe. The Leak and the Letter This latest announcement that the European…

MEPs Seek Ban On Public Biometric Surveillance

Following the recent leak of an EU draft of rules for applying to AI, 40 MEPs have called for a ban on the use of facial recognition and other types of biometric surveillance in public places. Draft Rules The leaked draft rules by EU…
Document Stack

Android Stack Scanner Can Organise Your Documents

Google is launching its ‘Stack’ app for Android, an AI-based scanner that also names and categorises the documents it scans. The Technology The Stack app is a result of collaborative work between Area 120, Google’s in-house…
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Live : Teams Transcriptions

Microsoft has announced the launch of an AI-powered live transcription tool for Teams which provides a written record of the spoken text that occurs during a meeting. How It Works The live transcription tool identifies each speaker and…

AI ‘LitterCam’ Target Motorists Who Throw Rubbish From Cars

The first UK pilot scheme using CCTV to specifically target motorists who throw litter from their cars will shortly begin in Maidstone, Kent. LitterCam The Maidstone Borough Council is enlisting the help of LitterCam technology, which…

AI and Automation in Recruitment

With AI already revolutionising recruitment, we take a look at the benefits (and challenges) and the future direction of AI for both recruiters and applicants. Attracting the Best Talent One of the big challenges facing the recruitment…

Amazon AI Cameras Prompt “Mobile Surveillance” Privacy Row

The fact that Amazon has started using AI-powered cameras in delivery vans that constantly record footage of drivers has led to accusations of mobile corporate surveillance. Cameras The Driveri combined video recording and AI cameras…
Artificial Intelligence

AI in 2021 For Small Businesses

In this article, we look at some of the ways that SMEs can access and use AI to improve efficiency and add value. SMEs Optimistic About AI Contrary to a popular belief that AI may still be a little ‘pie in the sky’ for many SMEs,…
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AI COVID Cough Detector

MIT research has used an AI model trained on cough sounds to detect an early stage COVID cough. Identifies Cough Pattern Those who catch COVID-19 but remain largely or completely asymptomatic (and therefore do not get a test) are proving…
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AI Image Captioning Gives More Accurate Descriptions Than Humans

Microsoft has announced that in tests, its new, AI-based, automatic image captioning technology is better than humans at describing photos and images. Part of Azure AI The new automatic image captioning model is available via Microsoft’s…
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‘Hum to Search’ Songfinder

Google has introduced a new feature to its search that enables it to identify a song that a user hums or whistles. What’s This Song? Serving the same basic purpose a the Shazam app, for example, users can now ask the Google app, Google…
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Facial Recognition, Facial Authentication and the Future

Facial Recognition and facial authentication sound similar but there are distinct differences and this article takes a broad a look at how both are playing more of a role in our lives going forward. So firstly, what's the difference? Facial…
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Ensure What You See Is Real

With the internet and particularly social media awash with pictures, videos, news, and other content which may not be all that it seems, here is a guide to spotting fake news and content. Misinformation There are a number of sources and…
Fake News

AI-Faked Photos and Videos Concerns

Social media analytics company Graphika has reported identifying images of faces for social media profiles that appear to have been faked using machine learning for the purpose of China-based anti-U.S. government campaigns. Graphika Detects Graphika,…

AI, Data Protection & The ICO

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published guidelines to help clarify how data protection principles apply to AI projects. The Document The guidance document (now a pdf available online on the ICO website) was produced…
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Face Masks Beat Facial Recognition

New research has shown that even the most advanced facial recognition algorithms can only identify as little as 50 per cent of faces when masks are worn. Test Although necessary in the pandemic, mask-wearing appears to be posing a serious…

Facial Recognition Backlash

The recent killing of George Floyd by U.S. police appears to have been the catalyst for a backlash by tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft who are banning the police from using facial recognition software until more regulations are in…
Secirity Camera

Facial Recognition, Photo Identity and Privacy Protection

With phone cameras, surveillance cameras with facial recognition seemingly everywhere and the world entering a new phase of social change, many people are looking at how they can take simple steps to retain and protect their privacy rights. Faces Enshrined…
woman-wearing-face-maskAnna Shvets

Are Masks A Challenge To Facial Recognition Technology?

As questions about the continued use of potentially unreliable and unregulated live facial recognition (LFR) technology continue. Masks used to protect against the spread of coronavirus may be presenting a further challenge to the technology. Questions…
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Facial Recognition and Super Computers Help in COVID-19 Fight

Technology is playing an important role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic with adapted facial recognition cameras and super-computers now joining the battle to help beat the virus. Adapted Facial Recognition Facial recognition camera…
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AI Skills Course Available

A free, basic AI skills course, funded by Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE), is being made available to citizens across the EU’s 27 member states.  Success in Finland The decision by the Finnish government…
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AI, Supercomputers … and Storms Dennis & Ciara

The disruption and damage caused by weather events affect businesses across the UK but having the benefit of early and detailed insights provided a by a new supercomputer system could enable businesses, organisations, agencies, local authorities…
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Amazon Offering Custom ‘Brand Voice’ to Replace Default Alexa Voice

Amazon’s AWS is offering a new ‘Brand Voice’ capability to companies which enables them to create their own custom voice for Alexa that replaces the default voice with one that reflects their “persona”, such as the voice of Colonel…
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Police Images of Serious Offenders Reportedly Shared With Private Landlord For Facial Recognition Trial

There have been calls for government intervention after it was alleged that South Yorkshire Police shared its images of serious offenders with a private landlord (Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield) as part of a live facial recognition…
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EU Considers Ban on Facial Recognition

It has been reported that the European Commission is considering a ban on the use of facial recognition in public spaces for up to five years while new regulations for its use are put in place. Document The reports of a possible…
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AI Better at Breast Cancer Detection Than Doctors

Researchers at Good Health have created an AI program which, in tests, has proven to be more accurate at detecting and diagnosing breast cancer than expert human radiologists. Trained The AI software, which was developed by…
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Google Announces New ‘Teachable Machine 2.0’ No-Code Machine Learning Model Generator

Two years on from its first incarnation, Google has announced the introduction of its ‘Teachable Machine 2.0’, a no-code custom machine learning model generating platform that can be used by anyone and requires no coding experience. First…
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Microsoft Beats Amazon to $10 Billion AI Defence Contract for ‘Jedi’

After a long and difficult bidding process, Amazon has lost out to Microsoft in the battle to win a $10bn (£8bn) US Defence Department AI and Cloud computing contract. For ‘Jedi’ The contract was for the Joint Enterprise Defence…
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AI and the Fake News War

In a “post-truth” era, AI is one of the many protective tools and weapons involved in the battles that make up the current, ongoing “fake news” war. Fake News Fake news has become widespread in recent years, most prominently with…
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AI and Facial Analysis Job Interviews

Reports of the first job interviews conducted in the UK using Artificial Intelligence and facial analysis technology have been met with mixed reactions. The Software The AI and facial analysis technology used for the interviews comes…
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Deepfake Ransomware – A Worrying Threat

Multinational IT security company ‘Trend Micro’ has highlighted the future threat of cybercriminals making and posting (or threatening to post) malicious ‘deep fake’ videos online in order to cause damage to reputations and/or to extract…
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Autonomous AI Cyber Weapons Inevitable Says Security Research Expert

Speaking at a recent CloudSec event in London, Trend Micro’s vice-president of security research, Rik Ferguson said that AI cyberattacks operated autonomously are an inevitable threat that security professionals must adapt to tackling. If…
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AI Destined For McDonald’s Drive-Throughs

The acquisition of AI voice recognition start-up Apprente by the McDonalds franchise gives the restaurant chain its own Silicon Valley technology division and promises an automated ordering system for drive-throughs, self-order interfaces and…
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AI Mimics CEO’s Voice To Steal £201,000

A recent Wall Street Journal report has highlighted how, in March this year, a group of hackers were able to use AI software to mimic an energy company CEO’s voice in order to steal £201,000. What Happened? Reports indicate that the…
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Record Levels of Investment in UK AI

A Tech Nation Report has shown that AI investment in the UK reached record levels in the first six months of the year making it the third biggest market in the world for AI investment, just behind the US and China. Surge Crunchbase figures…
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