Managed network support


Managed network support keeps you operational. Keeping all the elements working together in harmony keeps your business running. We have over 100 years of combined network management experience.

Your physical network

The cables, switches, routers and wireless access points need to be checked and monitored. The firewall that protects your network from intrusions should be kept up to date. Then there are your servers. If any of these parts fail, your network is not going to deliver for you.

Software and updates

Keeping your server operating systems up to date matters. Updates improve capabilities and keep your data secure. They also come with challenges – updates need to be tested before deployment to avoid compatibility issues. You also need to keep regular backups of your systems to ensure your data is safe.

How do we deliver managed network support?

We use a mixture of remote monitoring and management tools alongside regular on-site visits. We know the software and hardware you have, so we are prepared for any eventuality. Through the data we collect remotely and from our on-site visits, we prepare regular reports for you and watch for early warning signs to avoid sudden failures.

Prepared for any eventuality

Our extensive hardware procurement experience means the best equipment when you need to replace any part of your network. We can maintain a stock of backup equipment for you if you wish, for those systems that absolutely cannot have downtime. We can also supply off-site backup services as part of a disaster recovery plan as well as data security.

Finally, you will have our help desk support team to respond to any issues.

Keeping your network well maintained and operational is our network managed service. For more complex support needs or to map out your IT future, you can make use of our Consultancy and Virtual IT Manager solutions.

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