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Could 5G’s High Frequency Be Dangerous?

5G may be the next generation of mobile internet that could provide new and innovative opportunities and boost to new industries, but there have been some concerns that its high-frequency mmWave spectrum could pose new health risks. Long-Held…
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Report Says 90% of NHS Jobs Will Need Digital Skills, But AI and Robotics Could Enhance Services

Marketing report company Singular has produced an ROI index for mobile advertising, based on its own research which shows that Facebook and Google appear to offer the best value for mobile advertisers. A report, commissioned by health secretary…
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Too Much Time In Front of a Screen Adversely Affects Child Development Says Study

Psychologists from the University of Calgary have published a study in the JAMA journal of Paediatrics, which found that 2-5 years old who engaged in more screen time received worse scores in developmental screening tests. The Study The…