On the move…

Office Move

Moving offices need not be disruptive. Finish work on Friday at your current location. Open for business on time on Monday – that’s what we’ll deliver.

An office move can seem daunting. With GMA, our experience means you can stop worrying about your IT. We’ll do it all.

Preparation is key

Now you’ve made the decision, it’s time to start planning. Your IT system is one of the biggest and most complex parts. That’s when we come in. We’ll ensure the following:

  • We do two surveys: one of your existing equipment and one of your new location.
  • Prepare a moving offices plan. Not just of how we organise your move, but what if scenarios, so there is a plan B, C and D.
  • Agree the day for removing your existing equipment, transferring it to your new site and installing it.
  • We can schedule in any upgrades (for example moving to VoIP or virtualising your servers) at the same time to get you working more efficiently.
  • Take a full backup of your data to ensure that should the worst happen we can recover your business quickly.

Once we’ve agreed the plan, we will give you regular updates on how things are progressing so when moving time arrives, you are ready to go.

The move

We will get working on executing the agreed plan.

  • We’ll ensure that your network connection is up and running, so no website disruption and your remote workers can have full access.
  • Existing and any new equipment will all be in place.
  • Network cabling, routers, switches, wireless points and anything else required, will be in place and fully tested.
  • Your servers will be up and running and fully tested.
  • We’ll run a data integrity test and restore anything before you re-open.
  • Then we run a complete check and test again, ensuring you are ready to go.

Day 1 support

Our work isn’t done, because we’ll be on site just in case, to deal with anything unexpected. And we can discuss post-move support as well.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.