Enable them to be your strongest line of defence with the new generation of security awareness training.

The cyber crime landscape and threats faced by businesses are constantly changing and evolving. Cyber criminals target businesses of ALL sizes and tend to rely on busy people making simple, but avoidable, mistakes. Many small and medium-sized businesses often think that they aren’t on the criminals’ radar yet more than 40% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses, and over 90% are as a result of human error.

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security Awareness Training provides your team with regular interactive and fun training sessions that improve their cyber security awareness. It gives them the skills to be able to confidently identify any potential threats to your business and its data, and what they should do if they spot something suspect.

These regular training courses encourage much higher engagement than traditional security training programmes and help to reduce the premiums on Cyber Security Insurance, as many providers now ask about security awareness training.

We are so confident you will find this training useful we offer a two week free trial.

Short weekly videos help with learning and have high engagement rates.

5 reasons to deliver security awareness training.

Does my team really need this?

YES! Without doubt.

Human error is the #1 security threat to your business. Almost all successful cyber breaches share one variable in common: human error. Even as modern anti-malware and threat detection software have become more sophisticated, so have cyber criminals. And they know that the effectiveness of technical security measures only go so far, and have to be properly utilised by humans. Addressing human error is key to reducing the chances of your business being successfully targeted. It enables you to protect your organisation from a far wider range of threats than any single technical solution could – and empowers your workforce to actively look out for and report new threats they may encounter. Mitigation of human error must be key to business cyber security.

How do I take advantage of the free trial?

The next step is to book a short discovery call which will allow us to take the details of up to 10 users within your business to receive the security awareness training 2-week FREE TRIAL.