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Making security transparent and not a burden, that is what GMA do. We live in a world, where security must be at the heart of your IT strategy and not something to add on.

We understand your security needs

Damage from security breaches can be fatal for any organisation. We review your current security systems, then work with you to ensure they protect you fully. You will have a unique set of challenges and the solution should match those. We won’t offer to sell you something off the shelf; we’ll get you the right solution.

It is all about layers

We live in a world where there are highly skilled people looking for ways into your IT. You’ll need to guard the internet connection, web browsers (and where they are used to browse) your email servers, passwords, file storage, servers and your personal computing devices.

Preventing intrusions

This is the first level of security you need to consider. Using a combination of hardware and software, you can have complete control over the data moving over your internet connection. So, an industry-leading firewall, correctly configured, will guard against anyone trying to gain access to your systems from the outside. We can remotely manage these for you, ensuring that they have the latest software installed to keep them up to date when fighting the latest threats.

Control the content

So many times, security breaches start with inappropriate web browsing or an email with a malicious attachment. You could even be at risk from a fake app installed on a smartphone. With content control software and on your router, you can manage the websites that can be visited by your team, especially distasteful material, sites for social networking, video streaming amongst many – improve security and productivity at the same time.

Anti-phishing technology prevents fake websites extracting valuable information from employees and if bot-nets gain access to one device, you can keep them isolated.

It is in the files

Volumes of email show no signs of declining and carefully-crafted emails remain one of the easiest ways to infect your systems. From having a computer taken-over to the total encryption of your servers for ransom, virus protection matters. Centrally manage your anti-virus on your Windows devices all from one dashboard.

Keep control of your data

Whilst focus on stopping network breaches from the outside is important, so is stopping data leaks. Take control of your data with encryption, device blocking and central policies to help prevent data leaks – all automated, all controlled from one central management interface.

Using in-built protection

If you are using the latest version of Windows, then there are many built-in security features. We will review that in an initial security audit. Then along with any other issues, we will build a plan to make sure you are using these functions to their fullest.

Either as part of one of our network management packages or as a one-off install with appropriate training, we can get your network security up to the latest standards.

Security needs evolve at a rapid pace. Talk to us so that we can get you out in front and stay there.

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