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WatchGuard delivers high quality enterprise-grade security to small and medium sized organisations. Security that prevents intrusions, keeps your network safe but does not get in the way. WatchGuard with GMA – a combination that works for your enterprise.

Every WatchGuard device comes with a range of fundamental security services:

  • Intrusion prevention continually updates its signatures to scan all network traffic looking for threats. Spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and buffer overflows are all blocked in real-time.
  • URL filtering gives you the power to deliver granular control over the URLs permitted through your firewall to conserve capacity, block inappropriate content and increase employee productivity.
  • Antivirus capabilities are built-in to your WatchGuard appliance, constantly monitoring your traffic to block known spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, rogue ware and blended threats. Heuristic analysis tracks down suspicious behaviour for an extra security layer.
  • Reputation services that aggregate from multiple feeds to guard against malicious sites and botnets.
  • Spam prevention through a continuous and highly reliable protection system from spam and phishing attempts.
  • Application control blocks or restricts access to applications on a user, job function and time of day criteria. Decide who, what, when, where and why applications can be used.
  • Network discovery generates a visual map of your network nodes to see where you could be at risk. Ensure that only authorised devices are connected and check for open ports and protocols.

Firebox T Series

Encompassing three different applications, these table top solutions are ideal for small and medium businesses. From a simple box for small businesses with remote virtual offices and home working, through medium sized up to over 50 employees, there is a Firebox T series for your company. All offer blazing-fast performance, to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. The top of the range T70 is the only device capable of delivering 1 gigabit a second with full UTM services in a table top profile.

Deployment simple and easy with a GMA provided solution.  Read the brochures, look at the datasheets and get in touch.

Firebox V

Virtualisation of servers helps reduce costs and increase efficiency and flexibility in IT solutions. However, it introduces new security threats. Virtual environments introduce new complexity in the management and prevention of security threats. Firebox V cuts through these issues to deliver a simple and effective managed solution.

Real-time monitoring, a unified management system – easy to maintain and understand. Each Firebox V solution is scalable and has multi-Wide Area Network support. Compatible with industry-standard servers including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and has a feature-packed Fireware OS.

Download the data sheet and then arrange a free consultation with GMA.

Threat Detection and Response

Cloud-based software that allows for easy management of security appliances. Data collected in real time from your WatchGuard appliances and combined with a threat intelligence feeds produces a threat score allowing you to prioritise your remediation choices.  This threat intelligence has traditionally only been available to big organisations; now your organisation can benefit from it.

Ransomware prevention is incorporated with a behavioural analytics engine and a decoy “honeypot” function. It constantly monitors and determines if there is a threat. Any detected threat is then stopped to prevent ransomware encryption.

Data Loss Prevention

Keep your confidential information secure. Protect from data transmissions via email, web and FTP.  Parsing more than 30 file types to check for your data including PDFS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and archives are scanned through their compression for checking. Included are over 200 rules to meet common compliance codes which automatically update to stay current.

GMA can manage your systems on your behalf or install a comprehensive solution will full training on how to make the most of your choices.

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