Application development for your business


Application development specifically for your business, tailored for your needs. Connecting existing incompatible applications together, working with free software or automating your processes to save money.

Coming together

Each time you purchase a piece of software, you want the best application to deliver a critical business need. However, the problem is getting these disparate systems to work together. That is where GMA can solve your issues. Once your applications work together, your data becomes more useful and your business becomes more efficient.

Open source

Open source software is that – free to buy, although it rarely comes with support. We help you with deployment and integration within your existing IT infrastructure. With open source, you can make amends to the application directly, or through their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) so you can manipulate them to fit your needs. Our experts can drive your business software development, with the only cost being the additional work your specific needs require.

Automate for efficiency

Automation of your systems leaves your staff to get on with dealing with customers while delivering growth for your business. Transferring these repetitive tasks to software improves efficiency, reduces errors and gives your team more rewarding jobs. From scripts to new modules, to bespoke applications, we can develop the right solution that removes the repetitive work and lets them focus on delivering great customer service.

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