Electronic fax via email

Man on phone

Fax for businesses. There is still a need for some to send or receive a them. The hardware to do so is cumbersome and expensive maintain. Now you can integrate this with your email, saving time and money.

Electronic fax with existing infrastructure

It is time to get efficient and green. GFI FaxMaker offers a simple solution to receive or send faxes directly from your existing software.

  • Send directly from Word, Outlook – in fact any software that supports printing, can send.
  • Uses your central contacts list – transmit to the correct number quickly.
  • Faxes can be routed directly to the correct recipient, useful for privacy considerations.
  • Integrates with a range of phone systems including 3CX, Cisco, Avaya, Swyx and more.

Meet your customers’ expectations

Give the whole team the ability to receive and send, and you can deliver the communication options that your customers want.

Always in touch

Receive your faxes on the go through any mail client. Using the email-to-fax technology, send to a client from your smartphone, tablet, laptop and so on. You never need be out of touch.