Business resilience and disaster recovery

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Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery to Keep You Operating

Gregory Micallef Associates (GMA) help businesses to proactively prepare so that they are ready should the worst happen.

Business resilience is something all businesses need to think about, no matter their size.

  • Could your business cope with a societal change so drastic it required most of your employees to work remotely?
  • If you had a security breach how would you recover your system and data?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

COVID-19 UK Lockdown

As the virus hit and the country prepared for lockdown those who had plans in place were able to implement them quickly, efficiently, and most importantly with secure access to business data. Whilst organisations that did not have business resilience plans in place found this far more difficult and costly to achieve.

GMA assisted businesses to implement existing plans and stepped in to help others who hadn’t planned at all. We worked tirelessly before, during, and after lockdown to ensure that organisations could operate securely whilst accessing their systems and data.

But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Business Resilience Is About Being Proactive

Too often the only time we think about backups, resilience, and recovery is when it is too late. Did you know that IT failure is one of the biggest risks to your business?

GMA can help you prepare and plan for a range of scenarios. Relying on backup alone is not enough, you need to test and restore regularly. Did you know the UK government found that 70% of businesses who suffered a significant data loss ceased trading within a year?

Considering All the Issues

These are the questions we will answer to deliver your business resilience needs:

  • How will your business keep operating?
  • Do you need some redundancy in your hardware or internet connections?
  • How would you recover your data or deal with a cyberattack?
  • Can you and should you be backing up off-site?
  • What is your fallback position if you cannot access your computer equipment for a short or extended period?
  • If most of your staff had to work remotely at short notice would you be able to facilitate that and ensure they had secure access to business data?
  • Do you have the communications infrastructure to allow for remote working?

This is not a generic exercise. GMA will engage with your team, look at your processes to understand the core points for failure risk. Then write a plan covering all aspects of keeping your critical IT systems working at a minimal level.

This allows your business to keep trading whilst all your systems are recovered and restored.

Cybercrime Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon.

Preparing employees and the business for a cyberattack or breach is a necessity in today’s connected and digital world.

*Nearly half of all UK businesses and a quarter of charities reported a cybersecurity breach or attack in the last 12 months.

85% of charities reported that they have received fraudulent emails or were directed to fraudulent websites. This was corroborated by the business community with 86% reporting the same problem. Unfortunately, according to the survey these attacks are the most disruptive.

Furthermore, as the size of the business increases so does the risk. Micro firms surveyed showed that 43% had identified breaches or attacks in the last 12 months compared with small businesses at 62%.

Medium-sized businesses that have identified breaches or attacks in the last year stood at 68%. Additionally, 75% of larger enterprises reported the same.

Researchers estimate that a staggering 91% of cyberattacks begin with an email and the most popular within medium and larger organisations are impersonation emails.

Spending time now on your security, policies, and procedures can help prevent a breach.

It is equally important that your employees know exactly how to respond should an attack be successful. This knowledge will save the business time, money, and data.

Finally, if you provide a service Cyber Insurance is also something you should consider.

With You at the Worst Time

The worst happens and you need help, GMA’s experienced engineers and consultants are ready to step in and get you back online. We’ll work through your recovery plan and deal with any issues arising and get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

*Department for Digital, Culture, media and Sport Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020

Don’t leave it too late to plan ahead. Get started today.