SharePoint for your organisation


SharePoint consultancy from GMA delivers a SharePoint system that works for you. Our services cover existing SharePoint installations, upgrades or full first-time deployments.

Getting your deployment right

SharePoint offers unrivalled flexibility and options to streamline your systems and deliver a new collaborative organisation. SharePoint connects to your whole Microsoft platform, so we consider your Active Directory, SQL databases, Office or Office 365 and Exchange. We also examine your other applications and changes needed to your network infrastructure.

Sounds complicated? GMA’s SharePoint consultancy makes it simple. We plan your deployment meticulously, minimising the effects on your day to day work. We explain all the changes needed and why you should make them. Then we structure a full testing process, ensure that the security of your network is maintained and look for any enhancements to be made. We take backups of your existing systems, prepare your SharePoint, test and re-test until satisfied that it is ready to deploy. We can stagger roll-outs or go for a ‘big bang’ approach.

Finally, we deliver training solutions to ensure that your team is ready to take advantage of the new capabilities on offer to them.

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Team working together

SharePoint consultancy that understands your needs and delivers results.

Your Intranet

Everyone is used to surfing the web these days. With your own Intranet, deploy a local version with the information your team needs. Place anything you want on there – rules, guidelines, manuals, social events. All sitting behind a firewall and all for your team online.

Consolidation of legacy systems

The inherent flexibility of the SharePoint system means you can integrate data, documents and information from legacy applications. With integration, you can increase the capabilities of your legacy systems. Or it can be time to retire those old systems, with a customised SharePoint installation to replace them. Now, you reduce your support costs for those systems and improve efficiency by having a central hub.

This is also the right time to review your processes and take the time to streamline your operations. We advise on the best way to achieve this.

Finding your documents

SharePoint is powerful, but you need to get your deployment right before you reap all the benefits. Transitioning your documents to SharePoint, integration with OneDrive for Business and how Office Delve will become part of your workflow are all to be considered. For the best results, you need the correct metadata attached to your files and that is where we help.

Already on SharePoint, but not finding the results? Then ask about a metadata review.

Custom applications

Unique demands create the need for custom apps. For integration of legacy systems, streamlining workflows or preparing for new business growth, we define with you the aims. We engage with your key users and teams to understand how they work and your business security needs.

An interface is then designed and a conceptual application is constructed for testing. Once confirmed that it meets your needs, we complete the application, incorporating any feedback from this first phase.

Then, once tested again, we roll it out to your users, proactively monitoring feedback and usage. Automate repetitive tasks or bring new capabilities to your organisation – SharePoint can make this happen.