VoIP installation and migration

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VoIP installation from GMA is quick and easy. You may be a multi-site global business or a fast expanding start up. We can install and migrate you to the latest generation of phone systems. 

We manage the hardware and networking switchover for you

If you have already got a phone system in place, then get ready to dispose of that equipment that has been a pain to deal with.

We can use your existing Windows or Debian Linux servers, if you have them. Alternatively, we offer a cloud-based option if you want to be server-free.

If you currently have a single phone line or want to install your first telephone system, then going straight to VoIP is the right solution with the changes coming to the landline network. We have helped many businesses with their first VoIP installation, so get in touch today.

VoIP phone systems are flexible, which means a solution that works for you

We don’t do off-the-shelf, we talk to you, understand your business and then we propose a bespoke option that works for you. Whether it’s a call centre deployment, a multi-site roll-out, including internationally, or a small business beginning it’s growth and needing a new phone system or we have strong experience in all these areas. We can work with you to automate you new system and integrate it with existing business systems, saving you time and money. We have the ability to integrate Voice Recognition into your systems as well, if it will benefit your organisation. You can also receive your faxes straight to your inbox.

Switching is easy

We know that you cannot afford to have any communications interruptions. Our VoIP installation solutions mean you won’t. We’ll take you through what will change and what you’ll gain from switching.

We recommend 3CX as our preferred supplier. We are a Platinum Partner for this service and one of their longest-trusted partners in the UK.

You can read about an example 3CX project that we delivered to a hotel by following this link.

What is VoIP?

See what voice over internet protocol phones can do for you.

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We’re a 3CX Platinum Partner. See what 3CX can do for you.


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