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3CX new version launch

3CX have recently launched version 16 of their VoIP telephone system, delivering more improvements and feature additions to the PBX than ever before.  You can watch a recording of the launch on 3cx’s youtube channel.

Read about the technical improvements and price reductions on their website.

Some of the new features of v16 include:
  • Chat – 3CX live chat is free for all editions. The “3CX Live Chat and Talk” feature enables visitors to your website to talk and chat with you directly via your 3CX PBX.
  • Skills Based Routing – Call queues now support tiers of agents and the system hunts for the best person available to assist the caller.
  • Outbound Dialler – The new predictive dialler adapts the pace to the number of agents available at any given time.
3CX continues to focus on three key elements; Simplicity, Usability and Flexibility.
  • Simplicity in terms of licensing and pricing, which results in cost savings – now with pricing reduced even further.
  • Usability in implementing and configuring to promote a positive user experience.
  • Flexibility is demonstrated in the ability to run 3CX on-premise or in the cloud, on Windows or Linux, and to bridge between PBX systems running any combination of these.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been around for years. The technology has matured, but so many systems are built for big corporations first and then pushed to businesses of all sizes. 3CX VoIP is different – it is about the scale that you need. We have deployed systems in small businesses right through to call centres.

Why 3CX VoIP?

Better mobility
  • Apps for Android and iOS (iPhone) that can be installed on company phones or your staff’s own.
  • Set your availability remotely.
  • Video conferencing over the web.
  • Transparent redirection of calls from mobile to landline or vice-versa. One number for the caller to know.
Better communications
  • You need just one number – calls will route to land and mobile numbers at the same time. No personal numbers need be given out and it will work with your employee’s own mobile phones if they prefer to carry just one device.
  • Automatic redirection of calls, so if the recipient is unavailable, you can easily transfer calls.
  • Video-conferencing, instant messaging, email integration and a fax server are all included.
  • Go with the pro edition and integrate with Microsoft Outlook, SalesForce and many more applications.
Lower costs
  • Uses standard hardware – you have already got it – so initial costs and ongoing maintenance are much cheaper.
  • No lock-in to one vendor for your support and no proprietary equipment required.
  • Clear and simple to understand solutions – rent or buy.
  • Native SIP support for cheaper calls and line rental
  • Queue management, redirection and call-reporting can be configured easily – no engineer visits required.
  • You can pay for remote support if you want it.
  • Use it as a stand-alone system or integrate with your existing software applications.
Easy to Grow
  • With 3CX VoIP you do not pay for the number of users. You pay for the number of simultaneous calls. From 4 to 1,024, we have plenty of options for you.
  • With a hosted or an annual option, subscribe for only the number of simultaneous calls you will need. Need more? Just add them. Need less, then simply reduce them. Easy, simple, responsive to your needs. Perfect for when you might employ more staff at some times of the year and less at others.
  • If you purchase a perpetual solution and need to add more users when you grow, we offer simple upgrades.

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