3CX VoIP Specialised Modules


3CX VoIP from GMA can be expanded further for specialised purposes. Whether it’s an extra module or a bespoke application, we can tailor your installation to your needs. So, whether you’re a call centre, an estate agent or a shop, we can make your phones work for you.

VoIP for Hotels

If you’re in the hotel business, then VoIP is great for your guests and your bottom-line. We can integrate with your management systems or use a stand-alone application to improve your customers’ experiences and manage your costs.

With VoIP phones in your hotel you can offer new features to your guests. Now it’s easy to:

  • Let guests Check in and Check out using the phone system
  • Set guest extensions to Do Not Disturb
  • Block external calls if the customer wants it
  • Schedule wake-up calls
  • Tell housekeeping that a room is ready to clean or let housekeeping tell you when a room for occupation
  • Track calls a guest makes and list them upon departure for easy billing, either printing or on screen

We provide a simple-to-use stand-alone web interface or Windows application that works on any computer, or there is out of the box integration with the following software:

  • InnQuest
  • roomMaster 2000
  • Fidelio-Opera
  • MICROS-Fidelio
  • Fidelio
  • Protel
  • Brilliant Hotel

If you have another system, then integration can be built, but would be an extra-paid option. With integration, many of the functions can be triggered within the Hotel/Property Management Software – no jumping in and out of different interfaces.

We’ve installed multi-site and single hotel systems, reducing costs and delivering cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Bespoke software for any size organisation

We can build you a personalised software solution to further expand your 3CX VoIP system for your needs.

Now you can end repetitive tasks, save time for your staff and improve your customer satisfaction. We will review all your processes, look at your existing software & CRM systems, then develop a proposal for the best way forward.

If you’ve got a technical team in-house, we’ll train them to use the Voice Application Designer. The visual interface and drag and drop design method means no scripting or cumbersome software language to learn.

There are already ready-made components around:

  • Playback, user input, recording, call disconnect and transfer
  • Database access, email, file management, web interaction
  • Execute bespoke code and use a socket client
  • Conditional execution, loops and variables are all available

With an in-built debugger and easy deployment into your phone system, expanding the power of your 3CX installation is easier than ever. This is a system that you can adapt to your workflow and then adapt your workflows as the efficiencies become clear.


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