Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Dashboard

Office 365 migration done right. Like any IT project, proper planning, testing and careful management of the transition process. We have delivered numerous smooth transitions to this new cloud-based software for businesses of all sizes.

Setting a goal

The first thing to consider is are you looking to upgrade to the latest versions of the traditional Office applications or something more? Is this going to be part of a full transition to cloud computing or the first part of a staged approach. We will take the time to understand your needs and what you want to achieve. Only then can we start developing your transition plan.

Developing your Office 365 migration plan

Getting your transition right means understanding how your team use Office and the services that come with it. We talk to selected members of your organisation and assess your business aims.
A full survey of your infrastructure to see where we can make better and more efficient use of your equipment. Will you want to move your server to cloud-based installation or keep them on the premises. Is it time to upgrade your Windows Server or Exchange installations or will that come later?
Then we develop a proper user-focused plan. You choose: do you want to move forward with the plan by yourself or use GMA’s experienced migration specialists?

Delivering your plan

We are experts in delivering migrations with minimal to zero user interruption. Custom solutions, available from GMA, will deliver your transition in the background. We will prepare a full fall-back position and make sure that any critical needs and operations continue uninterrupted.
Of course, we provide a full range of post-transition support for your users. We can also provide more long-term solution options if you desire.

Upgrade to Office 365 smoothly without business interruption.