Warrington based Evolution Recruitment Solutions, who specialise in placing top IT and engineering talent, saved 50% on running costs and transformed their telecommunications in less than a day.

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End of Life-Cycle.

With their old phone system having fallen out-of-date and support reaching the end of its life-cycle, it was clear to Damian Corr, Evolution’s IT Project Manager, that updating their communications system was necessary and because of their day-to-day operations this needed to be accomplished without any downtime.

Evolution Recruitment required a cost-effective solution that would facilitate innovation, creativity and collaboration within their business whilst addressing the existing UC, recording, and support problems experienced on the outdated system.  Damian Corr explored multiple options and on deciding on the new system knew there was only one choice for an efficient and cost-effective installation, GMA.

“Many businesses find themselves falling foul of old or obsolete telecommunications equipment and upgrading can seem like a minefield.” – comments Greg Micallef, Owner and Managing Director, GMA (Gregory Micallef Associates).  “Businesses cannot afford downtime in their day-to-day operations so any new installation must take this into account.  At GMA we have been guiding businesses through this process for over twenty-five years and have the expertise and knowledge to make any system change both cost-effective and pain-free.”

Solving the problem.

The solution, 3CX – a software-based open standards IP PBX that offers complete unified communications.  GMA were instructed by Evolution Recruitment Solutions to design and install the new telecommunications system. With GMA’s expertise the system change was cost effective, efficient and completed without any network downtime.

With a seamless installation from GMA and because 3CX was built for the most popular operating systems and designed for ease of use, an added benefit was that Evolution employees required no additional time to learn the new system.

Damian Corr, Evolution’s IT Project Manager says – “We wanted a cost-effective solution that would allow us to be innovative, creative and more collaborative, as well as addressing the stability issues with the existing UC and recording functionality. We also wanted an all softphone deployment with options in the future to introduce face-to-face video conferencing and measuring call quality in real time. After looking at various options we decided that 3CX checks all the boxes.  GMA are professional, reliable and knowledgeable and migrated our systems over in just a few short hours.  There was no downtime experienced in the business and we were delighted with the entire project.”

Significant benefits.

Upon successful deployment, 3CX took over control and maintenance of Evolution’s 20 Yealink T19 IP phones and 60 lines. Virtually all staff solely use the 3CXPhone soft phone client on their Windows PC and the results have been clear, and significant:

  • Costs associated with the new system are half of the previous system, and it will pay for itself in just 2 years
  • Reduced IT administration by eliminating manual patching and cabling for phones whenever employees move desks
  • Switching all staff to 3CXPhone soft phone on their PC has reduced desk space required, as well as saving around £55,000 on hardware phones which were not required for the new system.
  • Increased productivity has been achieved through the introduction of remote work opportunities
  • Tighter integration with other business systems including the in-house system Evolution Database.
  • Greater collaboration, ease of use, and managerial control
  • Evolution received quotes for equivalent systems which were up to four times the cost of the 3CX solution which GMA designed and delivered.

“Now that we have revolutionised our phone system, we can now focus on growing the business and providing quality support for our many job-seeking clients.” – comments Damian Corr.

Following the successful rollout to their HQ, Evolution, with the help of GMA, have already implemented 3CX in their other UK offices (with only minor additional spend as they connect to the HQ 3CX server) and are about to install 3CX to their offices in Germany, Australia and Singapore. All systems will be interlinked with a shared numbering plan, presence shared, and free calls between them.

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