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GFI’s software delivers powerful and simple to use solutions across a broad range of applications.  Your security is covered across web, mail and networking. You can also add on mail archiving and electronic fax integration. Get a complete software solution that works together seamlessly and delivers great value.

We are a GFI Gold Partner and deliver new installations, licences (including any additional requirements), upgrades and software maintenance renewals (SMA). With our extensive support for both before and after sales we have the expertise to deliver the solution you need. We have installed GFI solutions in small, medium and large businesses as well as the not for profit sector.


A simple clear antivirus system that comes with patch management, system reporting and much more. GFI OneGuard is an easy to manage cost-effective solution.

Keeping your email running

Stability and security of your email network is vital in today’s modern work environments. GFI OneConnect protects from malware and server failures whilst giving you a robust archive of your email.

Guarding your devices

Keeping everything up to date to protect against the latest threats is time-consuming. Keep on top of the operating systems and software on each PC or server and check which updates are needed. Add in your mobile devices and it just gets more complicated and time-consuming. GFI LanGuard takes the arduous work out of it all.

Monitoring the web

Keep control of your web traffic. Block unwanted malware, prevent surfing on company time and keep social networks off your systems. GFI WebMonitor means you make the decisions.

Keep an eye on events

Know what is happening on your network. GFI EventsManager is your one place to find all the security logs with real-time monitoring and powerful analysis tools.

Securing your data

With vast amounts of confidential data now stored electronically, the proper security is vital. From risk assessments to automatic protection against portable storage devices, GFI EndPointSecurity delivers what you need.

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