Social Media & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Marketing is now available to businesses of all sizes through social media and digital options. Use it in combination with our Search Engine Optimisation to deliver results you need.  Get right to the heart of who you need to target and how.

Get social

We are all on social media these days, and that means your customers are too. With effective posts, reach thousands of people at low cost. Experts produce content that people want to share with their colleagues and friends on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Done correctly, there could be no need to pay for advertising any more. With social media you are reaching people directly.

It is all about your content

When the right content gets shared via social media more visitors are driven to your website. An expert content team can advise on the best way to make your content clickable. You are advised on building a blog or native social media content with infographics, copy, video, imagery and more. It is all about clearly and rapidly getting your message across. Increased traffic to your website and your content shared across social media linking to you, will result in the search engines judging you a result they should move up their search results, key to a Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Three out of four businesses engage with their peers before buying decisions, therefore this is a cost-effective route to market.

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Paid options

Sometimes you need paid marketing. Advertise on the main search engines with a Pay Per Click Campaign. Using the right keywords could cost you less and get you in front of potential purchasers that your competitors are missing. Affiliate Marketing offers you an option with a high return on investment. Your advert displayed thousands of times, but you only pay each time your advert generates a sale.

Banner advertising, most often seen on online newspapers and magazines, targets either specialist readers in specific verticals or a broad audience across many publications. With all the paid options, get the advice you need to choose the best way forward.

Marketing through email

Make use of your existing contacts or reach out to new ones with emails that readers look forward to, not send to the Junk folder. The key is to balance the sales messages and engaging content. This is about building a relationship with your current and potential customers. That will position you for consideration in the future and as “thought leaders”. Each organisation receives a bespoke solution that delivers for you.

Properly focused email campaigns improve engagement with your website. Provide readers fascinating content to enjoy and share, then you encourage sales now or in the future. Each campaign is low cost and with full tracking built-in, therefore you get valuable data that will improve your sales propositions.

Conversion rate optimisation

Getting the website traffic but not the sales or leads you want? This process reviews every step of the customer journey from lead generation to the post-sales phase. Consideration is given to visitor psychology, business positioning, core strengths and weaknesses, web site experience and usability, heat maps, website analytics, experience mapping, segmentation of customer and personalisation of messages. Then you will get the advice on how to fix it – that’s conversion rate optimisation.

Our digital marketing solutions work for businesses of every size and in every target market.