Virtual IT manager 

IT Manager

Consultancy is great for one-off projects. Many organisations need more than that. Someone with understanding and technical knowledge of the rapidly changing IT offerings for business. You do not have the resources to employ a full-time IT manager or director. GMA deliver that role for you.

What is the difference from our consultancy work?

Familiarity – we pride ourselves in understanding every organisation we work with; with a regular relationship, our ongoing experience increases our knowledge of challenges that you face – we are part of your team. You only pay for what you want and need, with no obligation to continue and the amount of assistance can be changed at any time.  You will have a named individual to deal with and a team in support of them – a more personal service.

Where would Virtual IT Manager fit in with my business?

For the smaller organisations, you may have an in-house support administrator or have been managing your systems yourself. You may have an IT team, but they do not have the time or experience to consider the longer term strategic needs.

What areas would the Virtual IT Manager cover?

  • Growth brings its own challenges. We will be there to make sure that your IT will meet them. We build the strategy with you and then implement it with you.
  • You want someone keeping an eye on your systems to ensure that no problems are beginning to build up.
  • Cost-effective IT is something that needs regular reviewing. We keep ourselves up to date, so you can focus on the business.
  • You need an interim solution whilst you hire a new senior IT leader.

What are the benefits for me?

  • Cost reduction through better management of expenditure.
  • Working in partnership to support your needs with strategic delivery and guidance.
  • In depth understanding of how IT can support your aims.
  • Effective and informed decision making.

We can build a relationship that will deliver results for years to come.