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Doorbell Ding-Dong

After the Amazon-owned ‘Ring’ video doorbell company’s recent major subscription price hike across its range caused anger and made the news, we look at what customers have said and if there’s a way to beat the price hike.  Ouch!  Ring has angered customers and received some negative publicity after announcing that starting on 11 March […]

What Are ‘Virtual’ Credit Cards?

In this tech-insight, we take a look at the world of virtual cards, who offers them, their benefits, and other secure payment alternatives. What Are Virtual Credit Card Numbers?  Virtual credit cards and their card numbers (as the name suggests) only exist in the virtual world, e.g. in an app on your phone, and are […]

OpenAI’s Video Gamechanger

OpenAI’s new ‘Sora’ AI-powered text-to-video tool is so good that its outputs could easily be mistaken for real videos, prompting deepfake fears in a year of important global elections.  Sora  Open AI says that its new Sora text-to-video model can generate realistic videos up to a minute long while maintaining visual quality and adherence to […]

Google Waits On Hold For You Until A Human Answers

Google’s new “Talk to a Live Representative” feature will call a business for you, wait on hold for you, and call you when a human representative is available.  Being Tested  Similar to Google Pixel’s existing “Hold for Me” feature, “Talk to a Live Representative” is currently in testing in the US by Google’s Search Labs […]

Instagram and Facebook Ads ‘Apple Tax’

Meta has announced that it will be passing on Apple’s 30 per cent service charge (often referred to as the “Apple tax”) to advertisers who pay to boost posts on Facebook and Instagram through the iOS app.   This move is a response to Apple’s in-app purchase fees, which apply to digital transactions within apps available on the […]

Dirt-Powered ‘Forever’ Fuel Cell

Researchers at Northwestern University in the US have created a fuel cell that harvests energy from microbes living in soil so that it can potentially last forever (or as long as there are soil microbes).  Why?  As Bill Yen (who led the research) suggests, the value may lie in its ability to supply power to […]

Developing A Consistent Brand Voice Using ChatGPT

If you want to develop a comprehensive guide on your brand’s voice and writing style to ensure consistency across all company communications, you can use ChatGPT to help you. Here’s how:  Email: hello@gmal.co.uk Visit our contact us page Or call 020 8778 7759 Back to Tech News

What Are ‘Blockchain Identifiers’?

In this insight, we look at what blockchain identifiers are, their roles, users, and relevance to businesses, plus how they could work with the domain name system.  What Are Blockchain Identifiers?  Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, is the decentralised, secure, incorruptible ledger system that enables transparent and tamper-proof transactions. Its value is in providing enhanced […]

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Robo-Calls Now Illegal In The US

The US The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that robo-calls using AI-generated voices are now illegal. What Are Robocalls And Why Make Them Illegal? A robo-call is a call made using voice cloning technology with an AI-generated voice, i.e. it is a telemarketing call that uses an automatic telephone-dialling system and an artificial or […]


Google Launches Gemini Subscription

Google has rebranded its Bard chatbot as Gemini, the name of its new powerful AI model family, and launched a $20 per month ‘Gemini Advanced’ subscription service.  Gemini Advanced  To compete with the likes of ChatGPT, Google has launched its own monthly Chatbot subscription service for the same price but with some extras thrown in. […]

Stolen Device Protection Update Rolled Out

Apple iPhone users are being urged to use a new feature called ‘Stolen Device Protection’ which was rolled out in a recent update to iOS.  As the new feature’s name suggests, it can help prevent someone who has stolen your device and knows your passcode from making critical changes to your account or device. It […]

Promising Lithium Breakthrough For EV Market

Stanford researchers have discovered a simple way to boost the range of lithium metal batteries to twice the range of conventional lithium-ion batteries which could provide a massive boost to the EV market.  Lithium-Ion Batteries  Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are currently used in a wide array of electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, power tools, […]

Recover Unsaved Word Documents

If you use Microsoft Word on the desktop, it’s worth knowing that Word automatically saves versions of documents as you work even if you don’t, allowing you to save yourself time and trouble by recovering any unsaved documents. Here’s how this last-ditch lifesaver feature works:  In Word, go to ‘File’ > ‘Info’ > ‘Manage Document(s).’  […]


Google Offers Protection From AI-Related Lawsuits

Google Cloud has announced in a blog post that if customers are challenged on copyright grounds through using its generative AI products (Duet AI), Google will offer limited indemnity and assume responsibility for the potential legal risks involved.  Why?  With the many different generative AI services (such as AI chatbots and image generators) being powered […]

How A Norwegian Company Is Tackling ‘AI Hallucinations’

Oslo-based start-up Iris.ai has developed an AI Chat feature for its Researcher Workspace platform which it says can reduce ‘AI hallucinations’ to single-figure percentages.  What Are AI Hallucinations?  AI hallucinations, also known as ‘adversarial examples’ or ‘AI-generated illusions,’ are where AI systems generate or disseminate information that is inaccurate, misleading, or simply false. The fact […]

What’s In The New iOS 17 iPhone Update?

With the recent release of the latest update of Apple’s iPhone software, iOS 17, we look at many of the useful new features and their benefits.  What’s Happened?  Apple recently released a new updated version of its iOS (iOS 17), which contains many new features, security updates and fixes for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and smartwatch. […]

October 23rd 2001 : “A Thousand Songs In Your Pocket”

On October 23 2001, Steve Jobs promised to give people “A Thousand Songs In Their Pocket”. His timing couldn’t have been better because at the time, Apple was primarily known for its computers and was struggling financially. Arriving eight months following the Macintosh version of iTunes, and lasting 20 years, iPods were discontinued last year […]


Create Shortcuts for Important WhatsApp Chats 

If there’s a particular and important chat you access frequently, you can create a shortcut for it on your device’s home screen. Here’s how: This will create a shortcut icon on your device’s home screen, so you can save time by accessing the chat directly without opening WhatsApp first.   Email: hello@gmal.co.uk Visit our contact us page Or call […]

What Are ‘Deepfake Testers’ ?

Here we look at what deepfake videos are, why they’re made, how they (might) be quickly and easily detected using a variety of deepfake detection and testing tools.  What Are Deepfake Videos?  Deepfake videos are a kind of synthetic media created using deep learning and artificial intelligence techniques. Making a deepfake video involves manipulating or […]


$900,000 For Netflix AI Product Manager

Leading Streamer Netflix has added more fuel to the fire in the actors and writers’ union strike by advertising for an AI product manager with a salary up to $900,000.  Could Have Paid For Actors  With US actors and writers who are members of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) […]

Sotheby’s to Auction $50,000 Apple Trainers

Renowned auction house and brokers of art, collectibles, jewellery, and real estate Sotheby’s is selling a super-rare pair of Apple-branded trainers for a guide price of $50,000 (circa £39K).  A One-Time Giveaway In The 90s  Sotheby’s says the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers (Size 10.5 / 9.5 UK), boxed and with an alternative pair of […]

August 6, 1997 – Microsoft & Apple Cooperate

By the mid-1990s, Apple was in dangerously bad shape. The company’s market share was dwindling, its product line was confused, and it was bleeding money. Their future looked bleak, and it needed a lifeline and they all knew it. Enter Microsoft, led by Bill Gates (the then-richest man in the world). On August 6, 1997, […]

Buildings Made Of Re-Usable Parts

Dutch architecture firm MVRDV and start-up Madaster have taken sustainable design to new levels by creating a whole office building that’s made of 90 per cent re-usable parts.  Matrix One – Made of Re-Usable Components  The ‘Matrix One’ six-storey, 13,000-square-metre laboratory and office building acts as the main campus hub of the Matrix Innovation Center […]

Convert Handwritten Meeting Notes To Typed Text With Google Keep

Rather than spending time typing out your handwritten meeting notes, Google Keep’s OCR means you can quickly convert them into typed text simply by taking a photo of them using your phone. Here’s how to use it:  Email: hello@gmal.co.uk Visit our contact us page Or call 020 8778 7759 Back to Tech News


AI Fears Prompt Hollywood Actors To Strike

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), the US actors’ union with 160,000 members has gone on strike mainly over fears that AI will reduce earnings and damage their profession.  New Agreement Needed  One of the Union’s main roles is negotiating terms between actors and the studios, and the last agreement […]

What Are ‘Zero-Day’ Attacks?

In this tech insight, we look at what ‘zero-day’ attacks are, then look at some recent high-profile examples and ultimately at what businesses can do to protect themselves from zero-day attacks.  Sophisticated Attacks That Highlight Vulnerabilities  In the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats and cyber warfare, one term often sends chills down the spines of […]

New Sketch-To-Image AI Tool Launched

London and San Francisco–based start-up Stability AI has announced the launch of ‘Stable Doodle’, a sketch-to-image AI-based tool that converts a simple drawing into a dynamic image.  Creates An Image From A Simple Doodle and Text Description  The new tool from Clipdrop by Stability AI, creates images from a simple doodle (sketched with a mouse) […]

Avoiding Enemy Aircraft … Or The Car in Front!

In July 1940, a Bristol Blenheim was the first aircraft to successfully use radar to detect enemy aircraft, proving that radar could help provide an effective electronic defence whilst being deployed in the air. It’s often been said that Britain would have lost the Battle of Britain had it not been for RADAR. Yet (like […]

Art Solar Panels That Are Practical And Beautiful

A group of solar panel start-ups is producing panels that enhance the look of buildings by combing them with art or making them as coloured cladding, facades, or roof tiles.  Solar Panels That Blend In  A group of Dutch startups is creating innovative solar panels that not only generate electricity but fit in well with (and […]

Quick Access To Emojis

If you’d like a really fast way to find and use particular emojis on a Windows PC, here’s how:  Email: hello@gmal.co.uk Visit our contact us page Or call 020 8778 7759 Back to Tech News


Should You Make An ‘E-Will’?

In the past, people have primarily focused on their physical belongings and financial assets when planning for the future. However, as more and more of our lives move online, digital assets have become just as important to consider. So, do you need to make an ‘e-will’? What Are Your Digital Assets? Digital assets can include […]

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The UK’s New AI Taskforce

In this article, we look at the reasons for the government’s formation of the Foundation Model Taskforce, and how the DeepMind and Google Brain tie-up could solve some big issues for Alphabet in the AI world. £100 Million Investment In Taskforce Start-Up The UK government has announced that it will be investing £100 million in […]


Microsoft Miffed: Monumental Gaming Merger Muzzled by UK’s CMA

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has blocked Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of US-based video game holding company Activision Blizzard over fears of stifled competition in the cloud gaming market. What Happened? Back in January 2022, Microsoft entered a £68.7 billion deal to buy Activision, one of the most popular video games publishers globally. This […]

WhatsApp Wows: One Account Accessible on Multiple Mobiles

WhatsApp has announced that it is introducing the ability to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones. Message Seamlessly Across All Devices WhatsApp says that this change gives users globally the ability to message seamlessly across all their devices without signing out, and to pick up their chats where they left off. Employees Can […]

Computers, Margaret Thatcher & Ice Cream

On 6th May 1949, the Electronic Delay Storage Calculator (EDSAC) ran its first set of programs. This historic British computer calculated a table of square numbers and a list of prime numbers. It was developed by Maurice Wilkes with his team at the University of Cambridge Mathematical Laboratory. The computer was built on the top floor […]

Pioneering Power: Solar Panels Float In The North Sea

Dutch start-up ‘Oceans of Energy’ has been awarded the contract for installing and operating an offshore solar farm inside the Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind park by CrossWind, a joint venture between Shell and Eneco. World First Oceans of Energy says it will be the first offshore solar farm in the world to be connected, […]


‘Sentient’ Human/Mouse Brain Plays Video Pong

Dr Brett Kagan, of Cortical Labs, claims not only to have grown the first ‘sentient‘ lab-grown mini-brain in a dish, but also that it can play vintage 1970s video game’ Pong’… albeit badly.  What??  Believe it or not, as explained in the ‘Neuron’ journal, Dr Kagan and his team claim to have lab-grown a ‘DishBrain’ system, made […]


Re-Branding Means Microsoft Office Becomes Microsoft 365

After 30 years of Microsoft Office, a major re-branding will see it being re-named as Microsoft 365 as part of Microsoft’s expansion of its productivity suite.  What, Who, And How?  Microsoft has announced that starting in November, Office.com (the Office mobile app and the Office app for Windows) will all become part of the re-branded […]


Politicised PayPal Problems

After PayPal first announcing that it would fine customers for using its services to spread misinformation and then, following a backlash, saying this had been an error, we look at what happened and why.  Policy Update – Fines for Misinformation  Just over a week ago, PayPal was reported to have published an update to its […]


WhatsApp For Business?

In this article, we look at the features, pros and cons of the business-focused version of WhatsApp.  Launched in 2018  The business-focused Android version of ‘WhatsApp Business’ was launched in January 2018 in the UK, and the iOS version was launched in early 2019. Available for free, but with pricing per message and a cost […]

Venue Uses Human Heating for Renewable Energy

Glasgow arts venue SWG3’s innovative new heating and cooling system uses the captured body heat emitted from its visitors to provide a renewable energy source.  The BODYHEAT System  As part of its drive to become a net zero venue, the first of its kind BODYHEAT system took 3 years to develop. The system is now […]

Tech Tip – Save Time in Gmail by Using ‘Smart Compose’ 

If you regularly use Gmail, switching-on ‘Smart Compose’ in your Gmail settings can enable time-saving predictive writing suggestions to appear as you compose an email. Here’s how to switch it on:  In Gmail, top right, click on the cog icon – Settings > See All Settings.  Scroll down and ensure ‘Smart Compose’ is toggled on.  […]


AI Scan Predicts Your Heart Disease Risk

A new AI-based 60-second retina scanning tool can predict a person’s risk of heart disease by looking at the veins and arteries in their eye.  Level Of Risk Revealed by Looking at Blood Vessels  The test findings of the new ‘Quartz’ tool, published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, show that the AI software takes […]

Universal Charging Cable Gets EU Vote

Following a provisional agreement in June, the European Parliament has voted in favour of a law to ensure that all devices have a single universal charger.  Why? Back in June, the EU Parliament highlighted the following reasons why having a single universal charger is necessary:  Consumers currently face the inconvenience and costs of needing a […]


Forget Hacking, What About Tracking?

In this article, we look at the many different ways we are being tracked online, plus which measures users can take to avoid being tracked.  Why Are We Being Tracked?  Internet tracking is used for a number of reasons, including:  Improving user browser experiences on websites.  For analytics to improve business performance and inform/feed-into marketing […]


What Are ‘BEC Campaigns’?

In this insight, we look at what BEC campaigns are, their characteristics, together with what businesses can do to protect themselves from the threat of BEC campaigns.   What Is A BEC Campaign?  A business email compromise (BEC) campaign is a kind of text-based, impersonation, social engineering scam where, in most cases, the victim is forwarded […]

Tech Tip – Annotating, Signing, And Saving PDFs in Firefox 

The release of Firefox 104 in August gave users the ability to annotate PDFs, e.g., sign PDFs directly in the browser and save them. Here’s how:  Open a PDF in Firefox, i.e., drag it into the Firefox Window, or right click on the file and select ‘Open with’ and choose Firefox.  In the top right […]


Microsoft Outlook’s Self-Updating Emails

As part of its roll-out of the collaborative working ‘Loop’ app, Microsoft has announced that included in its ‘365 Roadmap’, self-updating Loop elements can now be used in Outlook emails. What Is Loop? In November 2021, Microsoft unveiled its ‘Loop’ collaborative app which it described as “a flexible canvas with portable components” designed for assisting with new […]


How To Stay Focused Among The Chaos

In this insight, we look at some of the Microsoft Windows features that can be used to minimise distractions and help you to stay focused.    Minimise Interruptions, Stay Focused   Being able to stay focused during work can help productivity, keep a flow, and can help improve the quality of your output. Finding ways to minimise […]

What’s All the Fuss About : Musk & Twitter?

Following SpaceX and Tesla boss Elon Musk becoming Twitter’s largest shareholder after recently acquiring a 9.2 per cent stake in the social media company, we look at the news, issues, and implications relating to this move.  9.2 Per Cent Stake  Elon Musk, who already had 80+ million followers on Twitter’s platform, has now acquired a 9.2 […]

Tech Tip – Organise Windows Using ‘Snap Groups’

Windows 11 has upgraded Snap Assist to Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. You can use these features to customise the sizes of apps on the desktop, and to snap other apps into your chosen layout. Here’s how it works: Hover the mouse over a window’s maximize button or press Win + Z. Click on a […]


What Is 5G And What Does It Offer?

In this article we look at 5G and what it offers businesses? 5G refers to the fifth generation of technological standards for broadband networks (hence its suitably apt name). Broadband networks – the last generation of which was known as 4G – work by connecting digital devices to one another via radio waves, which are […]


European Oil Facilities Targeted By Cyber Attacks

In a worrying trend, oil facilities in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands have all recently been targeted by cyber-attacks. Germany The attack on German oil, vehicle fuel and petroleum products company Oiltanking Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG happened just over a week ago. Some reports have suggested that the company’s systems were hit by ransomware, […]

What Are Disposable Emails?

In this article, we look at what disposable email addresses are, their benefits and disadvantages. We also look at a few examples of disposable email address services. What Are Disposable Email Addresses? Disposable / temporary email addresses (DEA), also known as ‘burner’ email addresses, are (mostly free) services that allow the user to set up […]


Some Unmissable Chrome Extensions

In this tech insight, we look at what Chrome extensions are and how to access them. Then we look at 10 examples of popular and useful Chrome extensions. What Are Chrome Extensions? Extensions for Google’s Chrome browser are software programs, built using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that give Chrome more functionality. Enabling the […]

Tech Tip – Create And Share A Form Using Google Forms

For occasions where you need to create surveys, quizzes, or get other quick and easy responses, you may not have tried Google Forms. Here’s how to use them: Go to forms.google.com and sign-in with your Google login. Select the type of form you need from the gallery (Blank, Event Registration, Contact Information, RSVP, and more). […]