Windows 11 has upgraded Snap Assist to Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. You can use these features to customise the sizes of apps on the desktop, and to snap other apps into your chosen layout. Here’s how it works:

  • Hover the mouse over a window’s maximize button or press Win + Z.
  • Click on a zone in a layout to snap a window to that particular zone.
  • Use Snap Assist to finish building an entire layout of windows.  Snap layouts are tailored to the current screen size and orientation.
  • Adding apps in a Snap Layout saves all the apps that layout in a ‘Snap Group’. In the taskbar, hovering the mouse over an app in an existing snap layout shows all apps in that Snap Group.
  • Selecting the group means that the apps will open in the same layout.
  • As more Snap Groups are added, you can switch between them by selecting the Snap Group. 


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