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Green BT Street Cabinets To Become EV Charging Points

In line with the government’s aim to increase the number of electric vehicle (EV) charging points from 50,000 to 300,000 by 2030, the BT Group has announced that it will be repurposing its old, green street cabinets to EV charging points.  60,000…

Amazon’s Satellite Broadband :100% Success

Amazon’s ‘Project Kuiper’ satellite broadband moved one step closer following a reported 100 per cent success rate for its first two prototype satellites.  Project Kuiper  Like Elon Musk’s SpaceX, with Project Kuiper, Amazon…

Zoom Data Concerns

In this article, we look at why Zoom found itself as the subject of a backlash over an online update to its terms related to AI, what its response has been, plus what this says about how businesses feel about AI.  What Happened?  Communications…
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Zoom-Bosses Order Staff Return To Office

Following its growth during the pandemic, video communications company Zoom, which made remote working possible for many, has now ordered staff back to the office for two days a week.  Those Within A Commutable Distance  This move…
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Email : Terminating Trackers

In this insight, we look at what email trackers are, how they work, what the main concerns about them are, plus how you can protect yourself from email trackers. What Is An Email Tracker?  An email tracker is a tool or technology used…
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Considering a Refurbished Mobile ?

In this insight, we look at what refurbished phones are, their pros and cons, things buyers may wish to consider when purchasing one, examples of where they can be purchased, and how refurbished phone retailers could help customers to choose…

Throttling And The “Big Switchoff”

With OpenReach now ‘throttling’ broadband speeds and limiting phone calls as measures designed to gently “nudge” customers to upgrade as the “Big Switchoff” approaches, we look at exactly what’s happening, why,…
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What Are SPF, DKIM, And DMARC Records?

In this insight, we look at the popular email authentication protocols SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, how they work, why they’re important, and what happens if they’re not set up properly.  What Is SPF?  SPF, or Sender Policy Framework,…
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Deepfaked Eyes On Video Calls

A new AI feature for Nvidia’s Broadcast client will overlay your eyes with some deepfake ones which are always looking at the camera.  Eye Contact Feature  The ‘Eye Contact’ feature has been designed to make users/content…
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New Deadline To Remove Huawei

Following the UK government’s decision back in June 2020 to remove all Huawei Equipment From 5G Network Cores, the deadline has now been pushed back to December 2023.  Why Remove Huawei Equipment?  The decision to remove the equipment…

Zoom Hopes New Features Make It “One Stop Shop”

Zoom has announced that its new (beta) productivity tools, Zoom Mail and Calendar (clients and Services), combined with its existing features will mean that workers will have everything they need in one app.  Give Workers A ‘Toggle…

Tech News : Overhyped And A Long Wait For 5G Benefits

A recent study has concluded that 5G connectivity has been overhyped, with many users yet to experience any real improvements in mobile speed or reliability.  Overstated  The study found that:  One in six mobile…
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What Is A Discord Server?

In this insight, we look at what a ‘Discord server’ is, how to set one up, and the pros and cons of Discord servers.  What Is It?  Launched in 2015, ‘Discord’ ( is a (free to access) voice, video and…

WhatsApp For Business?

In this article, we look at the features, pros and cons of the business-focused version of WhatsApp.  Launched in 2018  The business-focused Android version of ‘WhatsApp Business’ was launched in January 2018 in the UK, and…
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Starlink At Sea : Boating Broadband Boost

Cruise company Royal Caribbean Group has announced that it will be using Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Starlink satellite Internet for broadband connections aboard its ships.  What Is Starlink?  Starlink, operated by billionaire Elon…
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UK Broadband And Mobile Carriers Face Tough New Security Rules

The UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has proposed a new set of rules to tighten up network security against cyberattacks in broadband and mobile carriers.  Amongst The Strongest In The World  The…

New WhatsApp Feature : Leave Silently

New privacy features being rolled out this month mean that WhatsApp users can now leave group chats silently.   Three New Privacy Features  WhatsApp has announced the introduction of three new privacy features: Leave Groups…
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Ofcom Investigates Whether 999 Calls Work (Via VoIP) During Emergencies

Communications regulator Ofcom has opened an investigation to make sure that telecoms providers are complying with rules to ensure that there is always uninterrupted access to 999 calls.  Investigation Into Compliance With General…
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Pros and Cons of Weakening Encryption

With the Online Safety Bill threatening to undermine end-to-end encryption, we look at the strengths and weaknesses of this security trade-off.  Encryption  Encryption comes from the science of cryptography. In today’s digital…
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Subway Surfing : Tube Talk

Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 have announced that their customers will be joining both Three and EE’s customers in having access to high-speed mobile connectivity on London’s Tube network, including within the tunnels.  Joined BAI  As…

What Are Wi-Fi 5 And 6 … And What’s The Difference?

In this tech-insight, we look at what Wi-Fi 5 And 6 are including their differences plus the improvements that Wi-Fi 6 offers.  Wi-Fi Standards  Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 are the names of the most recent Wi-Fi standards. Wi-Fi standards…
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Mobile Phone Call Reliability

A recent ‘Mobile Phone Trends’ report has highlighted how the quality and reliability of mobile phone calls in the UK are improving. So, what’s helping to bring about this change and why is it so important now?  The Figures  Some…
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Zoom Updates For Collaboration (And Fun)

Zoom has announced that its new apps, updates, and features will improve collaboration and creativity, thereby increasing engagement and interaction among attendees of hybrid-working meetings.  Collaborate Mode    Zoom says that…

Featured-Article  : What’s Ahead for WhatsApp?

Following the launch of the new business-focused WhatsApp Cloud API, we take a look at where Facebook’s (i.e. Meta) popular secure chat app is heading.  Cloud API  Last week, Facebook’s WhatsApp announced that it was opening…
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New Microsoft Update ‘Enable’ Reactions In Outlook

With the next update, as part of Microsoft’s 365 roadmap, Outlook users will soon be able to ‘react’ to Outlook emails without sending or receiving incremental emails.  Like Emojis  The Microsoft ‘Reactions’ feature…
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Tracking What Happens To Attachments After They’re Sent

In this article, we look at how there are several risks and challenges associated with sending email attachments, how businesses can track emails, and about a new product that could allow greater visibility and control of what happens to email…

Microsoft Outlook’s Self-Updating Emails

As part of its roll-out of the collaborative working ‘Loop’ app, Microsoft has announced that included in its ‘365 Roadmap’, self-updating Loop elements can now be used in Outlook emails. What Is Loop? In November 2021, Microsoft…
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Mobile Phone
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Do Mobiles Cause Cancer?

In this insight, we look at the history of fears about a possible link between mobile phone usage and cancer, then we look at the latest studies, conclusions, and expert opinions.   History   Claims that mobile phones could…
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Dumbphone Revival

A report by SEO software firm SEMrush has shown that so-called ‘Dumbphones’ are experiencing a revival, but why?   What Is A ‘Dumbphone’?   Dumbphones are mobile handsets that lack the advanced functionality characteristics…
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What’s All the Fuss About The Digital Switchover?

In this article, we look at what the digital switchover is, why it’s needed, what the challenges are, and why it’s now been paused.  The Switch To ‘Digital Voice’  Back in April 2021, BT Openreach announced that starting…

WhatsApp’s New Features To Improve Voice Messaging

WhatsApp has announced that it will soon be introducing some new features to improve its voice messaging.   Voice Messaging   WhatsApp’s voice messaging, introduced back in 2013, saves typing and is a fast way and free way…

What’s All the Fuss About Starlink?

In this article, we look at what Starlink is and why it has been making the news in the last couple of weeks.  What Is Starlink?  Starlink, operated by billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX company uses a constellation of low orbit satellites…

What Is 5G And What Does It Offer?

In this article we look at 5G and what it offers businesses? 5G refers to the fifth generation of technological standards for broadband networks (hence its suitably apt name). Broadband networks - the last generation of which was known as 4G…

How To Stop Your Emails From Ending Up In Spam Filters

In this article, we look at how spam filers work and what can be done to ensure that our legitimate emails reach their target and aren’t wrongly filtered out as ‘spam’. Why We Need Spam Filters Although we’re focusing on how to…
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Phone Recordings App – Police Investigation

The ICO launched an investigation after more than 1,000 Sussex and Surrey police officers were found to have downloaded a free app to covertly record calls with members of the public on police-issued phones. Google Play Store App The…
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How To Know If Someone Has Read Your Email?

In this tech insight, we take a look at the better-known ways of being able to tell if someone has read your email. The Usual Suspects The main ways to tell if a person has read your email include: Request a read receipt when…
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“Your Call Is Important To Us”

In this featured-article, we look at the traditional frustrations that occur when customers encounter (some) phone systems and how technology is helping to bring better experiences. Spending Time On Hold Being put on hold and spending…

Tech Insight : WAP … WEP … What ???

In this tech insight, we take a brief look at the WEP and WAP security protocols, and what happened to them. What Is WAP? Developed by Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and Unwired Planet, and introduced back in 1999, Wireless Application Protocol…

Scam Calls : A Significant Update

This week, we heard the good news that the big phone networks have agreed to automatically block foreign scam calls, and we heard the bad news that an Ofcom survey has revealed that 45 million people in the UK were targeted by scam text messages…
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Networks Angered By Ofcom’s Openreach Decision

Independent broadband network providers (altnets) have been angered by Ofcom’s decision to take no action over anti-competition concerns about (BT) Openreach’s “Equinox” offer. What Is Equinox? The Equinox Offer from BT’s Openreach…

Laser Broadband Success

Alphabet subsidiary X, the Moonshot Factory’s ‘Project Taara’ is claiming 99.9 per cent uptime within the first 20 days of a light beam/laser broadband project. What Is It? Laser-based broadband uses wireless optical communications…
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The Big Switch-Off

In this article, we look at some of the key issues surrounding the planned 2025 PSTN switch-off, the move to VoIP, and what options businesses have going forward. What’s Happening? Back in April, BT Openreach announced that starting…

Pro-Kremlin Trolls Targeting Media Website Comments

The results of new research suggest that the comments section for stories on prominent media websites across many western countries are the focus of major Kremlin-based activities to try and influence public opinion. Multiple Outlets, Many…
Open Plan

Tech Insight : Open Plan Offices Create Stress From Noise

Recent research by has confirmed long suspected views that open-plan office designs can reduce psychological well-being, affect moods, and create stress. This Study The most recent study, published online by Cambridge University…
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June Heatwave Saw High Temps And It Affects The Web Too

In this article, we look at how the weather can affect your Internet connection, and therefore the fortunes of the Web. Vulnerabilities Thinking beyond the router that is indoors, and protected from the weather, the rest of the infrastructure…

Millions Struggling To Pay Broadband Bills

A recent Citizens Advice survey has revealed that 2.5 million people are behind on their broadband bills, with 700,000 of these falling into the red during the Covid pandemic. Young, With Children Under 18, Or Receiving Universal Credit…

Tech Insight – What Is Bandwidth?

In this article we take a look at what bandwidth is, ways to improve bandwidth, and we look at how bandwidth ‘throttling’ is used. Bandwidth Bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data that can be transferred from one point to…

ISDN To be Switched Off

With BT Openreach officially setting the timeframe for switching off PSTN/ISDN, we look at what this means for businesses. ISDN an PSTN Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), which really came into being in the 1990s, is a set of…
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Microsoft’s ‘Teams Connect’ Challenges Slack

New features for Microsoft’s Teams include cross-organisation channel sharing called ‘Teams Connect’ that has been likened to a very similar feature in Slack. Announced at Ignite At Microsoft’s ‘Ignite’ annual conference,…
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More Remote Workers Trusting Mobile Data For Important ‘Stuff’

New research from O2 (conducted online by YouGov) shows that more remote workers are switching to mobile data to stay online and avoid connectivity issues. Switching The survey, involving more than 4,000 adults (1,351 of whom were working…

Poorest People Excluded By Broadband Prices

A survey by Citizens Advice has found that more than one in six people are struggling to afford their broadband during the third lockdown and that poorer people are locked out altogether. Certain Groups Worst Hit Citizens Advice, which…
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Signal Crashes Due To Millions of Sign-Ups

With more than 30 million people joining the non-profit, end-to-end encrypted communications app ‘Signal’ in just a few days, users of the app have (understandably) been experiencing a few technical issues. Mass Sign-Ups The…

Voice and Video Calls For WhatsApp Next Year

It has been reported that Facebook’s WhatsApp will be introducing voice and video calling to its WhatsApp Web desktop version next year. Pandemic Boosted Demand WhatsApp, which has around 2 billion users globally, is currently used…
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New ‘Breakout Rooms’ For Google Meet Users

Users of the Google Meet, Enterprise for Education video-communication service (formerly part of G Suite) will soon be able to divide meeting participants into Breakout Rooms. Greater Engagement The feature, which started its gradual…
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Virtual London Tech Week

The successful move to virtual presentations for London Tech Week Connects, back in June, inspired September’s London Tech Week to go ahead as a fully virtual event. In June, when the country was still locked-down due to the pandemic,…
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Zoom Zooms Thanks to Covid

Zoom Video Communications Inc has raised its annual revenue forecast by more than 30 per cent as it converts many of its vast free user base to paid subscriptions. Pandemic Growth Zoom’s video conferencing platform received a huge boost…

Record Broadband Compensation Pay-Outs

Ofcom's annual report shows that a record-breaking £20.7m in compensation was paid to broadband customers under the new automatic compensation scheme in the last six months of 2019. The Automatic Compensation Scheme Back in November…

Huawei – A Ban in the Balance

North America has already banned US companies from working with Huawei so with that in mind and with a decision by the UK about Huawei’s involvement in the country’s 5G infrastructure due very soon, we take a closer look at the issues involved. 5G The…

Twitter to Replace “Master”, “Slave” and “Blacklist”

Twitter has announced that it will be replacing programming language terms such as “master”, “slave” and “blacklist” with more inclusive ones. Programming Language Those familiar with programming language and email terms will…
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Police Crack Encrypted Network To Reach Crime Gangs

An international law enforcement operation has led to the cracking of the EncroChat Android phone network and the arrest of criminal gangs. The Network The France-based EncroChat network, which was discovered by the French National…

Competing Against Huawei

President Trump’s administration is reported to have met with major US communications networking companies in a bid to address the need for improved competition with Huawei globally. Huawei Issues Many of the issues and incidents that…
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New “Watch Party” Feature For Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime subscribers can be part of 100-viewer "Watch Party" groups and enjoy access to thousands of movies and films as well as chat between group members. Watch Party The Watch Party feature, which is similar to that of Netflix,…
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Microsoft Adds Custom Backgrounds and Live Captions in Teams

Microsoft has added custom backgrounds and live captions to Teams in its latest move in the battle between video conferencing and collaborative working online platforms. New Features in Teams Following on from its original announcement…
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Voice and Contactless Technologies For a Safer Workplace

With businesses looking to ensure COVID-safe working conditions, the use of voice and contactless interfaces could help provide safer ways of carrying out daily work tasks. Report A recent report by 451 Research states that technology…
Internet Speed

Internet Speed Record

Researchers from Australia’s Monash, Swinburne, and RMIT universities claim to have set a new Internet speed record of 44.2 Tbps. Fibre Connection The claim, which is featured in the ‘Nature Communications’ journal (…

Robotic Dog Maintains Social Distancing in Singapore

A robotic dog maintains social distancing in a trial in a park in Singapore. The robot called SPOT warns visitors to observe social distancing measures. Sign The 2-week trial in Singapore’s Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is a collaboration…
Scam Warnings For Remote Workers

Scam Warnings For Remote Workers

More scam warnings for Zoom, Teams and Meet users as reports show hackers still use domains related to popular collaborative platforms to target remote workers with phishing scams during lockdown. Domains Almost as soon as the lockdown…

Virgin Media and O2 Merging To Compete Against BT

Virgin Media and O2 are merging to compete against BT in a £31 billion deal. The aim is to create an entertainment and telecoms company that can provide some serious competition to telecoms giant BT. Mobile & Broadband O2, owned…
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Google Meet ‘Free For Everyone’

Google has entered the video conferencing market fight with the likes of Zoom and Facebook Messenger as it announces that its ‘Google Meet’ premium video conferencing service will soon be free for everyone. Google Meet Google Meet…
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Facebook Launches Desktop Messenger

Search terms relating to popular collaborative working tools such as ‘Zoom’ (the most searched for), GoToMeeting, WebEx, Slack and Microsoft Teams have also seen huge search volumes in Google in recent weeks. Facebook has launched a…
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Data Reveals Business Worries About Remote Working Challenges

London-based security company Redscan has reported that recent Google searches reveal how businesses are focused on how they can adapt to the security and technology challenges posed by remote working. Not Prepared This does appear to…
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Research Indicates Zoom Is Being Targeted By Cybercriminals

With many people working from home due to coronavirus, research by Check Point indicates that cybercriminals may be targeting the video conferencing app ‘Zoom’. Domains Cybersecurity company ‘Check Point’ reports witnessing a…
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Data Caps Removed During Pandemic

The UK government has announced that the UK’s big ISP’s are removing caps on data for fixed-line broadband during the coronavirus pandemic. Fixed-Line Broadband The joint announcement by the companies, government and Ofcom will affect…
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Microsoft Teams User Numbers Up By 12 Million In A Week

Microsoft’s collaborative working platform ‘Teams’ is reported to have seen a massive 12 million user boost in one week as a result of remote-working through the coronavirus outbreak, and through Microsoft making the platform generally…
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Surge In Demand For Teleconference Apps and Platforms That Enable Home Working

The need for people to work from home during the Covid-19 outbreak is reported to have led to a huge increase in the downloads of business teleconferencing apps and in the use of popular cloud-based services like G Suite. Surge In Downloads Downloads…
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Gigabit, Ultrafast Broadband For One Million Households In The West Midlands

Virgin Media has announced that in the UK’s largest gigabit switch-on to date, it is launching its next-generation Gig1 Fibre Broadband services for 1 million+ homes in Birmingham, Coventry and surrounding areas across the West Midlands. Speed Virgin…
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Email Security (Part 1)

In this week's featured article, which is the first of two parts on what is a huge subject for businesses to tackle, we take a look at some of the important issues of email security and how businesses can try to strengthen this crucial area…
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New Google ‘Interpreter’ : Real-Time Translator For Your Mobile

Google has announced the roll out of its "interpreter mode" real-time translator on Assistant-enabled Android and iOS phones worldwide. A Back and Forth Conversation Google says that interpreter mode means that you can now use your mobile…
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5G Mobile Network is 450% Faster Than 4G in Tests

Tests by Ookla, the developer of, are reported to have shown that the new 5G mobile network is 450% faster than 4G. Speed According to the website, the results of the testing of 5G in 29 UK cities during Q3…
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London Gets 10 Million New Landline Numbers

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced the introduction of 10 million new 0204 landline numbers for London in a move to keep up with a growing demand fuelled by Broadband connections. Running Out There are only 500,000 of the 30 million…
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One-Third of Major VPNs Owned By Chinese

A recent survey by VPNpro has revealed that almost one-third of the most popular VPN services are secretly owned by Chinese companies that may be subject to weak privacy laws. VPN A ‘Virtual Private Network’ (VPN) is used to keep…
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Goodbye Skype for Business, Hello Teams

Microsoft has announced that Skype for Business Online will be giving way to ‘Teams’, with support for Skype for Business already ended on 31 July 2021, and all new Microsoft 365 customers due to get Microsoft Teams by default from 1 September…
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5G At No Extra Cost Says Three

Mobile operator Three has announced that new and existing customers with compatible handsets will be able to get 5G at no extra cost(s) when its 5G service is launched later this year. 5G Offer Three says that when its 5G service goes…
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London Underground To Get 4G Next Year

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that from March 2020, 4G rollout will begin across the London Underground network, thereby allowing customers, for the first time, to check emails and travel information, use social media, and stream…
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Surveillance Attack on WhatsApp

It has been reported that it was a surveillance attack on Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging app that caused the company to urge all of its 1.5bn users to update their apps as an extra precaution recently. What Kind of Attack? Technical…
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Is Huawei Really Dragging Its Feet Over Security?

After espionage chiefs from the ‘Five Eyes’ agreed last July that they would try to contain the global growth of Chinese telecom Huawei (over fears that it was spying for China), a new report from the Huawei Cybersecurity Evaluation Centre…
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How to overcome barriers with Unified Communications and 3CX 

The evolution of communications technology has led to a complex environment with numerous methods to communicate and hundreds of different systems to choose from. The goal of Unified Communications (UC) is to break down barriers that exist…