The evolution of communications technology has led to a complex environment with numerous methods to communicate and hundreds of different systems to choose from. The goal of Unified Communications (UC) is to break down barriers that exist when people are using different methods to communicate with different systems and devices. How can we ensure that we are using the most appropriate communication tools whilst utilising the most up to date technology to improve productivity, save money and save time?

It enables better collaboration by bringing together separate methods of communication into a single user experience. UC enables you to communicate with colleagues, customers and potential customers anywhere in the world, at any time. Connecting with people via an internet-based system breaks-down barriers and saves money.

Easy to use

When introducing a new system, there is always a requirement for some degree of user-training. The advantage of UC is that multiple systems are combined into one simple interface for all end-users, for a quick and trouble-free implementation.

Save money

You could save money by integrating a number of systems into one. With UC all communications, such as email, text, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing are all available in one product.

Systems Integration

Integrating your communications tools with your CRM allows for improved visibility and record keeping, along with the benefit of saving time with easy one-click dialling directly from the customer record.

Our bespoke UC solutions can integrate the following business applications, allowing for your business to have the perfect communications solution based on your own individual needs:

Business Improvement

Having all communication tools integrated in one place, delivers accurate reporting and analysis of specific business measures. Reports can be run to show key metrics and allow for managers to see where improvements can be made. Valuable information, such as calls answered, waiting times, call-back statistics and abandoned calls can all be tracked and measured.