What Are ‘Blockchain Identifiers’?

In this insight, we look at what blockchain identifiers are, their roles, users, and relevance to businesses, plus how they could work with the domain name system.  What Are Blockchain Identifiers?  Blockchain, the technology…
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Blockchain Bill

In this insight, we look at the introduction of the Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023 (ETDA), what it means and why it’s so significant, plus its implications.  The ETDA  The Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023 (ETDA), which…

Featured Article : Digital Dosh

With the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) launching India’s first pilot for a retail digital rupee (e₹-R/eINR/E-Rupee) this month, we look at what this means and what the benefits could be.  Why?   The pilot will help to decide…

What Was FTX All About?

Following news of the collapse of FTX, we look at what it was plus the events leading up to its demise and the effects going forward.  FTX  FTX, until very recently, was a Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange, founded…
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Blockchain-Based Online Voting System To Be Tested

Concordium Blockchain, COBRA, Aarhus University, the Alexandra Institute, and the IT University in Greenland have been given DKK 3.6 million (by DIREC) to research a blockchain-based online voting system for Greenland.  What Is Blockchain…

Environmental Ethereum?

The most popular altcoin and second-largest cryptocurrency by volume, Ethereum, has switched to a new operating model which uses 99.95 per cent less energy!  The Merge  ‘The Merge,’ which the change is being called, and which…
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Most People To Have Digital Wallets by 2026

While some people are busy asking whether we’re seeing the death of cryptocurrencies, a new report says 60 percent of us will be using digital wallets by 2026.  Digital Wallet Usage Driven By ‘Superapps’  A Juniper Research…

Dramatic Decrease in Crypto Consumption of Power

Rising electricity prices, energy-hungry crypto mining operations and falling cryptocurrency prices are thought to be behind a significant decrease in the amount of electricity being used for crypto mining.   What Is Crypto Mining?  Crypto…
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What Is A Blockchain Domain?

In this tech-insight, we look at what a blockchain domain is, what it is used for, how to buy one, and what may bring them more into mainstream usage.  What Is Blockchain?  Blockchain is an incorruptible peer-to-peer network (a…


New York state lawmakers have passed a two-year ban on energy-hungry ‘proof-of-work’ crypto mining that uses carbon-based fossil fuel power plants.  Energy-Hungry Crypto-Mining  One of the big environmental challenges of cryptocurrency…
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Who Accepts CryptoCoins Now?

With its volatile past and with a recent survey showing that almost one-third of small businesses in the US now accept them as payment, we look at who accepts CryptoCoins in payment for goods and services.  Cryptocurrencies  CryptoCoins…
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What is Web 3.0?

In this tech-insight, we look at what Web 3.0 is, together with its main benefits plus some concerns about it.  What Is Web 3.0?  Web3 / web3 / Web 3.0 (a term coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood) is the next phase…

30% Rise In Crypto-Laundering

A report by blockchain data platform ‘Chainalysis’ has shown a 30 per cent increase in cryptocurrency being used for money laundering in 2021 compared to the previous year. $8.6 Billion The 2022 Crypto Crime Report noted how cybercriminals…

Hamster Crypto-Croaks

Max, a.k.a. “Mr Goxx”, the hamster that found Internet fame through outperforming many human cryptocurrency-traders, has died. Experiment With ‘Wheel’ Results The hamster’s life as a crypto trader was down to him being used…

Crypto ATM Scammers

An FBI announcement has warned that scammers are now directing victims to use physical cryptocurrency ATMs and digital QR codes to complete payment transactions. What Are Cryptocurrency ATMs? A cryptocurrency ATM is a physical kiosk/terminal/device…
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Crypto Hackers Return Most Of The $610 Million Crypto Cash

On 12 August, the Poly Network DeFi platform announced that, following the theft of $610 Million in digital coins, the hacker thieves had returned $342 million. However, it’s been reported that more recently, almost all of the stolen crypto…

Suspected Cannabis Farm Turns Out To Be A Bitcoin Mining Farm

Police in Sandwell in the West Midlands recently discovered a warehouse that had been converted to an operation to illegally supply large quantities of electricity for Bitcoin mining. Same Heat & Electricity Profile as a Cannabis Farm The…

Featured Article : Art, Cars, Carbon & Crazy Numbers

With news of a booming ‘NFT market’ and the acceptance of Bitcoin as payment for Tesla cars, we look at the environmental impact of these and how the technology needs to be improved to be made more sustainable. Robot Painting Collaboration This…

Energy Consumption and Carbon Production From Bitcoin and Other Tech

With the news that mining Bitcoin uses more electricity annually than the whole of Argentina, we take a closer look at the carbon footprint of technology today. Cambridge Researchers from Cambridge recently highlighted how power-hungry…

Bitcoin Skyrockets

The value of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has risen sharply, reaching a value of £22,000 for the first time ever. Bitcoin Bitcoin is a digital web-based currency that operates without the need for central banks and uses highly secure encryption…

PayPal To Support Cryptocurrencies

It has been reported that US-based payments giant PayPal is ready to allow its users to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Millions of Merchants The decision by PayPal will also mean that 26 million merchants…
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New Brave Browser : Blocks Ads, Pays Rewards

The new 1.0 browser from Brave removes ads and ad trackers and pays users through a reward system for viewing the ads that Brave presents. Brave? Brave is a San Francisco based start-up company, founded in 2015 and led by CEO Brendan…
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Tough Questions About Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg faced a grilling from the US Congress last week over his company’s ‘Libra’ cryptocurrency plans. Libra ‘Libra’ is Facebook’s new cryptocurrency and global payment system that’s due to be…
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Thomas Cook Customers and Employees Targeted By Phishing Attacks

Security researchers at Skurio Ltd have warned employees and customers of Thomas Cook to be vigilant after it detected the registration of 53 Thomas Cook-related domains in the week after the travel operator went into receivership. Phishing…
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PayPal, eBay, Visa and Mastercard Drop Out of Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

PayPal, eBay, Visa and Mastercard have announced that they are not going to be a part of the Switzerland-based Libra Association that is overseeing the introduction of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency. What Is Libra? Libra is a cryptocurrency,…
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Police Auction Hacker’s £240,000 of Cryptocurrency

The £240,000 of cryptocurrency confiscated from a teenager who was jailed for hacking ISP TalkTalk has been auctioned by police with the proceeds going towards fighting crime. TalkTalk Hack Elliott Gunton, (now 19) was jailed for 20…
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France Says ‘Non’ To Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

France’s finance minister, Bruno Le Maire has said that the development of Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency will be blocked in Europe unless concerns over risks to consumers and to the monetary systems of countries can be addressed. Libra…
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Could Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Be The Future Of Money?

Facebook has announced the launch of its new crypto-currency called ‘Libra’ 2020 which will enable payments to be made by a special phone app, and by messaging services such as WhatsApp, so that spending the new currency could be as easy…
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Goodbye Skype Classic, Hello Blockchain-as-a-Service

Just as November will see Microsoft asking Skype users to switch from Skype Classic to version 8, tech commentators are predicting that Microsoft and other companies will be looking to start reaping the financial benefits of offering blockchain…