Celebrating 25 Years


It is quite hard to imagine our world without GMA in it, but 25 years ago GMA didn’t exist. In the IT world of 1992 the market was just blossoming. The most dominant introduction around this time was the World Wide Web. Around this time it’s estimated there were just 10,000 websites, today there are over 1 billion. The computer was becoming more and more powerful. Although, only around 2 million computers were connected to the internet compared to today’s stat of over 9 billion! And Microsoft were just beginning to get their act together with a brand new exciting development, called Windows.

It’s crazy to look back and think how the majority didn’t have phones in their pockets, laptops in coffee shops, no super speedy search engines to answer any question needed and we couldn’t instantly engage with the world. We don’t really realise just how much of an impact technology has had on us or how much it has changed our world in 25 years. It has changed the way we do everything from communicating, shopping, learning, being entertained and so much more.

Let’s have a look over the 25 years of GMA…

In 1995 GMA had 3 Microsoft Certified Engineers, at the time there were only 200 in the UK and in 1999 Microsoft listed GMA among the Top 60 Microsoft experts in the country! Windows is still with us and we continue to offer bespoke application development, network support and email systems. However, GMA has also expanded its technology and have added many additional services that our customers needed to run their businesses even more efficiently. These include website services, IP telephone systems and cloud services. In 2016, GMA successfully deployed the first major 3cx Phone System to a UK Hotel! Our mission is the same today as it was 25 years ago; to provide our customers with what they need to accomplish their goals, dreams and missions.

It’s hard for us to believe that it has been 25 years since all of this started. As we look back at old photos, old products and tell stories of the early days we realise just how much we have to be thankful for. And what a true privilege it has been to serve and help so many with their IT needs. And in the next 25 years GMA will continue to grow along with the rest of the world. Maybe in the next 25 years we can look forward to self-driving zero emission cars, 3D printing at home and a life expectancy near 90.

In our case, we may be older but it only means we are bigger, better and wiser! As 2017 begins, we want to say thank you and wish you all the success and happiness. Here’s to the future – another 25 years of your IT in safe hands!