If you would like to sell a phone, laptop, tablet, or other device, but would like to know how to completely wipe it first, here’s how:
Firstly, make sure you’ve backed up things like your photos, other important files, and WhatsApp chats. Next:
Windows Laptops

  • Type “Reset” into the Start search box and select “Reset this PC”. If this option doesn’t show, look in “Settings” under the “Recovery” tab.
  • To wipe all storage drives, on the next page, click “Change Settings” and change the Data Erasure slider to “On”.
    MacBooks and Macs
  • Reset the system and press the Command + R keys together to load the recovery menu.
  • Select “Disk Utility” (the system drives will be displayed).
  • Right-click and select Delete on each applicable drive apart from the MacOS install partition.
  • Return to the Recovery menu or reset and use the Command+R shortcut from a fresh start-up, and select Install MacOS.
    Google Chromebooks
  • Press Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and “R” together from the login screen to bring up the “Powerwash” box, or, from “Settings”, select “Advanced” and scroll down to “Powerwash”.
    iPhones and iPads
  • Go to the “Settings” menu, then the General sub-menu.
  • Use the Reset option, and the “Erase All Content and Settings” control. To do this, you will need to use your Apple ID password.
    Android Phones and Tablets
  • Go to the “System” part of “Settings” and find ‘Reset Options’.
  • Choose “Erase All Data” (Factory Reset), or similar and follow the prompts. You will need your unlock PIN.

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