If you are using Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, here’s a way that you can organise multiple browser tabs that you need to have open for a job or project into a ‘Collection’ that you can easily access later.

To make a ‘Collection’ of relevant web pages that you have open in multiple browser tabs:

  • Click on the ‘+’ (Collections) symbol top right and choose to add the tab you are on to an existing Collection or create a new Collection.
  • To create a new Collection, click on the Collections symbol, click on ‘Start New Collection’ and give it a name.
  • To save the web page in the browser tab that you are on to that new Collection, click on the ‘Add Current Page’ link (right-hand side).  You will see the page appear in the Collection.
  • Do the same for the other Edge tabs that you have open until you have saved all relevant pages to your project in your named Collection. – When you next open Edge and click on the Collections link (top right), your collection of web pages for your named project will be there.

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