If you’re finding that you’re keeping up with the news more lately, try using ‘Widgets’ to catch upon the news at a glance in Windows 11. Here’s how:

  • Sign into your Microsoft account.
  • To show or hide the widgets board, select the Widgets icon on the taskbar, press the Windows logo key + W, and click or tap anywhere outside the widgets board.
  • To add widgets, select the ‘Add widgets’ button at the bottom of widgets board and follow the instructions to add widgets.
  • To personalise your news feed widgets, go to ‘Manage your news and interests’ in the Widget settings dialog box. This will open the ‘My Interests’ page in Microsoft Edge.
  • Use the search box to find topics or publishers you want to follow e.g., war in Ukraine.
  • To fine tune your news feed, select ‘Tune your feed’ on the left side of the ‘My Interests’ page to be guided through the steps to set up your news feed.

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