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NHS Booking App and Doc Bot

In the NHS's 70th year, and as part of the push for digitisation,…
July 4, 2018/by admin
Security Newsletter

IT Security Updates Issue 1

The ICO have fined BT for a 5 million customer email ‘spam’…
June 22, 2018/by admin
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834% Rise in TSB Customer Attacks

Following the IT ‘meltdown’ at TSB last month which led to…
June 15, 2018/by admin
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Data Breach Fine For UK University

The Information Commissioner (ICO) has imposed a fine of £120,000…
May 30, 2018/by admin
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Google Chrome’s ‘Incognito’ Mode Not So Incognito

Research by Internet Privacy Company DuckDuckGo is reported to…
January 2, 2018/by admin

Equifax hack – highlighting the importance patch mismanagement

US company Equifax is under the spotlight after losing data of…
September 14, 2017/by Jonathan Hyde
Call Recording

Call Recording and the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation came into force in May…
June 30, 2017/by Grace Jones
Infographic of cyber attacks

Ransomware – Protecting yourself now and in the future

The current high-profile attack on the National Health Service, French…
May 16, 2017/by Nick Regan

How to improve your Cyber Security


Cyber security has never been more important to businesses…
April 12, 2017/by Grace Jones
Scam Emails

How to AVOID scam emails

Scam emails, also known as phishing emails/attacks, are becoming…
July 6, 2016/by Grace Jones

Cyber scams to watch out for this Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching and that means a lot of…
November 10, 2014/by Grace Jones
Email scams

How to recognise scam emails

Scam emails can be very convincing and fraudsters have increasingly…
October 1, 2014/by Grace Jones