The 2012 Olympic Games is fast approaching and will put extra pressure on your business and IT systems. The Olympics will bring to London:
-10,000 athletes
-37,000 members of the press
-800,000 spectators per day
-At 37 venues


The problems…

-Higher levels of absence caused through holiday requests, sick leave and travel issues.
-A high amount of disruption due to the amount of traffic which will hit London. This could mean your normal logistical practices may be restricted and may affect your productivity.
-IT issues such as, the internet being slower, key members of staff assent and mobile networks overloaded.
So, what can you do to prepare?

The solutions…

Planning ahead will help maintain your business despite the problems. Prepare a flexible working policy that allows staff to change their schedule if transport is an issue. If you have the time create a system so you can track productivity to see if there is a change in productivity, so you can start to make changes before there is a solid dip.

The IT Issues…

This is the area in which GMA can offer most guidance. It is best to ensure you have a well-managed IT infrastructure in place in order to cope with the increased levels of activity brought by this worldwide event. This is the perfect time to look at your IT operations since one of the busiest periods ever to hit Britain is just around the corner. You need your systems to be running at maximum efficiency. It’s probably a good time to look at operations such as, a managed IT service to set you in good stead for the Olympic and for the time beyond the games. If you have IT staff that will be absent you should ensure you have the correct and effect IT support in place. It may also be a really great time to get in touch with your internet service provider to ensure your service is optimised and will be able to cope during the games.


We hope this information was helpful!