Operations Management Suite


Operations Management Suite is a range of services provided on the Azure platform that provide backup, site recovery and system analysis. As part of a disaster recovery plan, they can deliver a scalable solution for your business.

Back up everything

With the backup service, you could end you use of tape-based backups. Start by making a complete backup. Once initially backed-up to the cloud, incremental changes only are transmitted. No saturation of your internet connection – you can also control the maximum amount of bandwidth used. Integrated compression, encryption for data security and retention time flexibility all come as standard.

Recover your business smoothly

Site Recovery gets you up and running if you suffer an infrastructure failure. Hardware failure or malware penetration will not result in long downtime and you can automate the orderly restoration of services. Create virtual machine based backups of your various servers stored in the cloud. Should the worst happen, then use an easy to manage restoration service if you need to recover.

Combining the two together gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that you can easily and rapidly restore your business to full operation. Disaster recovery is now available to every organisation.

Keep an eye on your systems

Log Analysis keeps an eye on your systems and gives you enterprise class data about your current operations. Bring together information from your on-site and cloud-based deployments in one place.

Get an overview of your current systems and check if they have the latest patches and updates installed. Centrally manage the roll-out and help protect yourself against the latest threats.

Malware protection is integrated into the suite so that you can monitor reports of current Windows Defender status across your organisation.

Be prepared – keep your business IT running