Business resilience and disaster recovery

Business Plan

Business resilience is something we all need to think about. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? We have helped businesses plan ahead and be ready.

Business resilience is being proactive

Too often the only time we think about backups, resilience and recovery is when it is too late. It is one of the biggest risks to your business – a failure of your IT. The UK government found that 70% of businesses that suffered a significant data loss ceased trading within a year.

What plan do you have in place? It is important to prepare for a range of scenarios. Just backing everything up is not enough, you need to test and restore regularly.

Considering all the issues

These are the questions we will answer to deliver your business resilience needs:

  • How will your business keep operating?
  • Do you need some redundancy in your hardware or internet connections?
  • How would you recover your data or deal with a cyberattack?
  • Can you and should you be backing up off site?
  • What is your fallback position if you cannot access your computer equipment for a short or extended period?

This is not a generic exercise. So, we will engage with your team, look at your processes to understand the core points for failure risk. Then we write a plan covering all aspects of keeping your critical IT systems working at a minimal level, so your business can keep trading whilst you recover all your systems.

With you at the worst time

The worst has happened and you need help. Our experienced engineers and consultants are ready to step in and help you get back online. We’ll work through your recovery plan and deal with any issues arising. We will get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Don’t leave it too late to plan ahead. Get started today.