Azure cloud computing platform


Microsoft Azure is a global cloud service that you use for a wide range of services and development. No longer do you need to purchase physical hardware to scale your IT infrastructure. Put it in the cloud and have access to a powerful redundant platform.

With so many options, it is hard to know where to start. We have taken a practical approach – by developing solutions that work for your business and deliver the most cost-effective use of Azure. These are generally based around a Private Cloud (that is whilst you use the cloud, you do so in a secure private mode).

Virtual machines

Now on Azure you can create as many virtual machines as you want. Use them to deploy line of business applications, servers (both Microsoft and Linux), databases and web applications amongst others.

For those businesses who are not constrained by regulatory or Data Protection issues, consider a new Azure server deployment as your physical equipment comes to the end of its life. If you are constrained, then consider a virtual network. Have a standalone application running on a dedicated server? This would be an ideal first step to transitioning to cloud-based infrastructure.

Upgrading to Windows Server 2016 is a step towards the future as you can now transfer an installation from on premises servers to Azure when you are ready.

We can help you deploy Windows Server, Exchange and SharePoint amongst other services through Azure.

Virtual networks

We think this is one of the most useful services offered through Azure. You can create a hybrid environment between your current on premises equipment and cloud-based resources. Already using virtualisation on your local servers? A virtual network is the easy and cost-effective next stage.

With your virtual machines installed, the virtual network directly links your current servers with the new cloud deployment. In this hybrid environment, you can retain data on the premises that business requirements need and move other processes and operations to the cloud. Take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without making a sudden transformation.

Active Directory on Azure

Sitting at the heart of the security model in Windows Server is Active Directory. Now, you can take that to the cloud and integrate it into your cloud application and services. You can synchronise the cloud-based version with your local premises or transfer the whole system to Azure. Integrate with Office 365 and other Microsoft services and third-party services.

You can also control Active Directory Domain Services which will allow you to easily move applications to this cloud based solution. Group Policies can be deployed as they would in a local environment – applications can be moved directly to Azure with all the security services fully available.

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