Microsoft have announced the opening of multiple UK Data Centres. The aim is to allow customers to use their cloud services whilst knowing that their data remains in the country. The centres in London, Cardiff and Durham will host their range of cloud services such as, Azure and Office 365. In addition, Dynamics CRM Online will be added in the first half of 2017.

Major organisations such as, NHS and the Ministry of Defence have already welcomed the new data centres as a way to advance their digital operations without worrying about data location.

In the past…

The main data centres serving the UK were based in Ireland and the Netherlands. In addition to the UK, they have opened a new data centre in Germany, to ensure that they adhere to German data handling regulations and to give their customers additional choices of how and where data is processed. With the new UK regions, customers receive the benefits of data residency and geo-redundant data replication in multiple data centres within the country for business continuity.

The benefits…

Microsoft are the first of the big cloud operators to open UK data centres. Which means customers receive world-class reliability and performance, with the benefits of data residency and geo-redundant data replication. It also sparks local economic growth for Microsoft UK’s 25,000-plus partners.