Windows Server

A collection of computer servers

Windows Server 2016 delivers the latest standards in file sharing, collaboration and a security foundation. As the foundation of many businesses, the latest version delivers significant improvements in efficiency to your organisation. With Server 2016, moving your systems to the cloud becomes easier with you ready to move to an Azure-based solution on your organisation’s timetable.

A foundation

With a Microsoft-based infrastructure, Windows Server 2016 is the ideal core. A simple installation of Server 2016 gives you Active Directory-based management of your company’s IT policies. Define access rights, permissions all on the server. Changes are automatically delivered to each user and setting up new users is easy with set roles.

PowerShell, the newest scripting language integrated into Windows Server gives you the ability to automate processes and other tasks with flexibility. Now, managing two or 200 servers is as easy for many tasks.

Security built-in

From the integrated Windows Defender for Server to integration with Microsoft Operations Management Suite, 2016 offers more security than before.  New multi-layer technologies including BitLocker for Virtual Machines, Credential Guard, Device Guard, Control Flow Guard and more make this the most secure version of Windows Server yet.

Moving to the cloud

With Hyper-V, server virtualisation is easier and more future-proof than before. Virtualisation means you can run multiple servers on one piece of hardware. Maximising the return on your investment, you can now use the full power of your hardware. When that no longer provides all the power you need, you can integrate Azure cloud-based solutions as supplementary servers or begin your transition by moving your virtual servers directly to the cloud.

Preparing for the worst

Disaster recovery is something every business should be ready for. Using the virtualisation, it is easy to mirror your servers to another location (an alternative site or cloud-based). Define fail-over plans – lose your on-premises server and immediately transfer operation to the cloud-based backup, or copy the backup to replacement on-premises hardware. Server 2016 gives you those choices.

Adding layers

Exchange Server or SQL Server both run on top of Windows Server. Using the full power of this latest operatin system, the line of business applications that you need will be delivered more cost-effectively and with more power than you had before.

The power and flexibility of Windows Server 2016 is too much to fully describe. Whatever your needs, GMA can develop a solution that meets your needs. As a Microsoft Partner, we deliver solutions for your business needs.

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