If you would like to save time and speed up your phone charging, here are five easy ways you can do this: 

  • 1. Switch To Airplane Mode 
    • Switching on Airplane mode stops the cellular, Bluetooth, radio, and Wi-Fi features which all drain the battery, and in Airplane mode your phone loses less power. Turning on Airplane mode (via Settings in Android and Control Centre in iPhone) can save you a few minutes in charging time. Remember to turn Airplane Mode off afterwards. 
  • 2. Turn The Phone Off While Charging 
    • It sounds obvious, but turning the phone off while charging means nothing else is drawing power from the battery, therefore, the phone charges faster. The downside is possibly missing calls. 
  • 3. Limit Phone Usage (App Use) While Charging 
    • You may want to leave your phone switched on while charging but continuing to use power-hungry apps will slow things down (and potentially damage the battery with heat). Therefore, close apps while the phone is charging. 
  • 4. Use A Wall Socket 
    • Using a wall socket rather than USB socket on a device makes for more efficient, faster charging. 
  • 5. Use a Fast Charger 
    • Such chargers have the potential to promptly deliver up to 30W of power to a mobile phone or a tablet, which is six times swifter compared to a conventional charger, on average! With such a rapid charging device, your phone will attain full battery capacity swiftly.
    • Note – there’s been debate about the potential dangers of fast charging for mobile devices, due to the sudden influx of a large volume of electricity into the battery. Nonetheless, batteries are designed to quickly assimilate significant amounts of charge initially, so the consensus is generally that fast charging doesn’t result in any lasting damage. However to be sure, perhaps only use fast chargers when it’s really necessary.
  • 7. Keep the Phone Cool
    • If your phone becomes (excessively) warm or hot, it could trigger your battery to malfunction, given that electronic components are susceptible to high heat. Moreover, if your phone is already overheated, the battery charging process will take considerably longer to avoid further temperature increase.
    • You can maintain an optimal temperature for your phone by not using it incessantly, avoiding placing it in hot environments like vehicles or enclosed containers, and understanding how to charge it in the right way (for instance, avoiding charging to 100% or leaving it to charge overnight).

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