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IT Support

Prompt Proactive Support

I chose to partner with Gregory Micallef Associates because they took lots of time to genuinely understand our requirements and ensure they were a good fit and would be able to provide solutions tailored to our requirements.

We have regular communication and planning, and the quarterly review meetings are very helpful and ensure we are staying ahead of the game. The entire team at GMA is accommodating and nothing is too much trouble. The biggest benefit to my company has been the prompt proactive support we have received.

If someone was on the fence about choosing Gregory Micallef Associates as their IT Company, I would advise them that GMA will not let you down. IT is such a crucial part of any service business, and GMA are reliable professionals that you can truly partner with.

Joanne Bell

Professional & Consistent Service with Expert Advice

Gregory Micallef Associates were recommended to us and after using them I would definitely recommend them for any small/medium sized company that needs good IT advice and a prompt, personal service when issues arise. GMA have offered us exactly what we need. For our company, decent, functioning IT systems are essential, but it is not what we do. We just want good advice on all our needs, and for everything to work as it should. If we have any issues, we want quick and competent help to sort it out. We don’t mind paying a fair amount for these services, but we don’t want to be over-charged just because we are not IT specialists ourselves. GMA have provided all this, alongside a personal service.

Their real strength is being able to offer expert advice and provide solutions for all normal IT requirements, whilst maintaining a service that feels very personal and responsive.

Gregory Micallef Associates certainly seem like experts in their field – specialists – and this gives me the confidence that all our IT requirements can be handled under one roof.

Professional, Friendly Help & Great Customer Service

GMA are a one stop shop for all our IT needs from sourcing equipment to security to troubleshooting and decided to work with them after they were recommended to us.

We have found that they provide great customer service, friendly help in layman’s terms, and are always available.

If you are on the fence about moving provider my advice is to move to them now, you won’t be disappointed. We are delighted with the advice we get and the professional and friendly help.

Lois Lancaster

Technical Expertise with a Structured and Proactive Mindset

GMA Have provided great support to us with a wide range of technical expertise at the end of the phone if something goes wrong. GMA help move IT forward for our business with a very organised structure and proactive mindset towards improvement planning.

For anyone choosing an IT Support company I can honestly say GMA have performed well for us and have always been very professional.

Professional, accommodating, and educational IT support

As a small business in education recruitment, it has given us peace of mind and more knowledge of IT and security functions by using GMA as an IT support service. GMA have made everything more streamlined and give us the confidence in knowing support is there as and when we need it.

On the rare occasion we have had any issues, the staff at GMA are prompt in dealing with our requests and advise us on the problem to give us better knowledge ourselves.  They are professional and accommodating. I would recommend GMA to any business.

Forward Teaching

Great Service and Great Value

Peace of mind that any issues we encounter will be resolved swiftly ensuring the continuity of our business with no interruptions is the biggest advantage we have experienced since appointing GMA to look after our IT requirements.

I have found the way they reach out to discuss our needs and upcoming IT issues that may affect our business extremely beneficial. This is something that has been overlooked by other companies in the past.

Carla McGrath H2O

An IT company I can trust.

The most simple but biggest benefit of moving to GMA is that I simply don’t need to concern myself over any threat, or potential threat to our system and its integrity. GMA technicians are well versed in dealing with our lack of IT knowledge and having what I deem a safe pair of hands working with me, as opposed to for me, gives me piece of mind.

Another big advantage of working with GMA is trust, I can trust them to deliver. Outsourcing services means that you don’t have the skills to deliver the vital role internally. GMA ensure that, if needed, they will implement a critical fix to the system. This means meaning that we work together and if required for immediate attention GMA have authority to deal with matters if I am not available…not that this has been needed since moving to them as the system is regularly and well maintained.

My advice to other companies that are looking to change their service provider to GMA is to do it, try the service, meet the team, test their knowledge but don’t wait till it’s too late! A proactive service like the one GMA provides supports you, saves you time, money, and stress in the short and long term. And if you need more evidence, come to my office where you’ll see no wires and no problems, that’s why we have now moved our VOIP phone systems to them as well.

Lee Lyons

From Devastatingly Poor Service to Our Staff Loves Gregory Micallef Associates

QVT operates in the field of supported housing and care homes, with over 25 schemes throughout London. We are a growing organisation with ambitious plans for the future which includes extensive deployment of technology to improve our service to clients and add value to those who commission our services.

Our staff have a mix of abilities in ICT, so when looking for an outsourced IT provider we prioritised an organisation with a strong service ethos, ability to work with those who’s main job focus is not IT combined with a first class understanding of technology and how it can be deployed in our unique field.

Experience with a previous provider was poor and hence we turned to Gregory Micallef Associates. We based our decision on their ability and telephone-based approach to support.

After 5 months the universal feedback from our staff is ‘what a pleasure it is to deal with GMA, their staff are so helpful and understanding’.

On this basis alone I can thoroughly recommend GMA and their team.

Promises Delivered

I met Andrew some time ago and remember getting a good impression of GMA and the services they offered. Some years on I’d had multiple meetings with multiple different IT companies and never felt confident to commit to any of them. That changed when I got back in touch with GMA.

The main reason I started looking for a new IT provider was because of a problem with my previous supplier who failed to support the business software and in fact made the situation much worse. This resulted in lost hours and a request for more time to fix their problem, and more money to do it.

After feeling badly let down one of the conditions of joining GMA was that they resolved this issue for me. Upon signing up with them they had someone get in touch straight away who took control of my computer. Twelve minutes later I had a call me back to tell me it was all fixed, and even ran through what had been broken and how it was fixed.

In all honesty the responsiveness has been great! I’ve had other companies that have taken weeks to even look at a problem, let alone resolve it. With GMA things are dealt with immediately and they do not hide behind excuses. GMA have delivered all they have promised and managed expectations throughout.

There have been several benefits but the main one as a business owner is the confidence to know that our business is in good hands as far as IT support goes. They are a true IT Partner. There hasn’t been an issue they couldn’t resolve in minutes, and it’s a great feeling to know that I simply don’t need to worry about that stuff anymore as it’s all taken care of. I would also add that it has increased the professional image of my business internally as my employees can see the IT systems are in good hands and outsourced to a top-notch company.

Our previous supplier was a lot cheaper, and whilst GMA are not the most expensive out there, with them you do get the level of service you pay for. When we assess the cost of all the lost time and factor in the stress of not knowing when things are getting resolved, there really is no question about whether it is worth the money or not. If you NEVER want to worry about your IT again, just do it!


Lasting Partnerships

We’ve been with GMA since we started, and probably earlier, so we have been working together for 20 years. The greatest benefit is the strength of the relationship and the understanding GMA have of how we as a microbusiness work, and that enables a very important trust.

The Big Blue Box offers Executive coaching and counselling services. IT structures have migrated from standalone PCs and early adoption of tablets and offline folders for offsite client work, to a remotely supported server infrastructure. More recently innovation has involved migration to the cloud, robust WFH, improved data security and the flexibility to use video and Zoom, Teams and virtual tools such as whiteboards.

Whilst we’re interested and excited by technology and what it can do for our business, we simply don’t have the time to manage our IT as thoroughly and professionally as is required these days. We can rely on the GMA team to support us.

As new technologies have become available, we have been able to respond strategically thanks to the expertise and understanding within GMA.

We’ve benefited from GMA’s ability to respond thoughtfully when change is required and to resolve those crises that inevitably occur with pragmatic solutions. We feel are our relationship with the team is one of trusted collaboration and partnership.

If someone were sitting on the fence about choosing their IT supplier, I would suggest it’s something that you cannot afford to be on the fence about! As a microbusiness we rely very heavily on the team to support us – sometimes instantly, sometimes in a strategic advisory capacity, that is based upon a trust. The team are an essential part of our business.

An IT Company That Understands Our Business Needs

We are very happy with the service provided by GMA.

The response time is prompt, and you understand our business needs well. GMA has the right expertise in different areas within IT support and management which is very helpful when we face some finer issues.

Stand Out Forward Planning and Attention to Detail

PRB Estates chose GMA because they came highly recommended from our outgoing IT consultant who looked after us for a number of years, and we have not been disappointed.

GMA stand out from others in my opinion through their forward planning and attention to detail.

If you’re undecided on which IT consultant to choose then GMA are professional, diligent, approachable, and understand the needs of individual companies… need we say more.


IT Support with a Personal Approach

Since joining GMA for IT Support, it’s been great to work alongside another business that believes in a personal approach, I feel that we have developed strong links with Andrew and the rest of the GMA team.
As our team grows, being able to contact the support desk and having someone respond quickly and assist with any issues helps us work uninterrupted.
Pick GMA as they are both knowledgeable and personable

Covid-19 Lockdown

Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery

Proactive & Professional Service

The service provided by GMA during this pandemic has not faltered.

Your technical team have been proactive and responsive to our issues. Individual praise must go to Charlie who has dealt with my specific IT issues very professionally and represents your company particularly well in relation to customer service.

In summary, continued great service guys…well done and thank-you.

Exceptional Service as Standard

Having worked very closely with GMA for many years I was delighted, but not surprised, with the seamless transition to remote working that we experienced. At very short notice they ensured that everyone in the company was able to continue to operate as if they were still based in the office.

Three months later they continue to provide the highest level of service that we have come to expect and value.

The First Responsive and Helpful IT Company We Would Recommend, the One You Want for Lockdown

I wanted to drop you a line and advise you just how great your guys have been during this period.

Already being happy with the service you provide this has been reinforced during lockdown. Your team are extremely responsive, helpful and pleasant to deal with, talk in language even tech dummies like me understand and are fair value for money.

I can honestly say you are the first IT company I have ever dealt with that I would highly recommend and am delighted to be working with. Thanks again for your valued support.

Professional, Knowledgeable and Fantastic Service

The team at GMA have been supporting us for over 20 years and the team are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and the service is fantastic. During this time, you have guided us through various IT projects and office moves in London.

Your service through this pandemic has been great and your assistance in the transition to working from home has been responsive, helpful and proactive.


Business Telephone Systems

There Was No Downtime Experienced in the Business and We Were Delighted with the Entire Project

We wanted a cost-effective solution that would allow us to be innovative, creative and more collaborative, as well as addressing the stability issues with the existing UC and recording functionality. We also wanted an all softphone deployment with options in the future to introduce face-to-face video conferencing and measuring call quality in real time. After looking at various options we decided that 3CX checks all the boxes.

GMA are professional, reliable and knowledgeable and migrated our systems over in just a few short hours.  There was no downtime experienced in the business and we were delighted with the entire project.

Benefitting From The Flexibility And Freedom Of A Cloud Phone System

The biggest benefit of a cloud phone system is the freedom to take calls wherever you are. The flexibility of taking calls on mobile devices has enabled us to catch more calls that were being missed.  Having worked with GMA for 10 years+ we were confident they would fulfil the brief and deliver on time and to the level we required.

There was far more communication during the whole process. Previously with other providers it felt like a sales driven opportunity for them, and less onus to supply a quality service to us.  When dealing with GMA the people who are selling and installing the service have a vested interest in providing a very high service level as they are generally long-term employees of GMA and have the client’s needs at the forefront.  If you are thinking of changing systems or providers, I recommend talking to people like us who have changed and get a first-hand evaluation of the experience.


Smooth and Quick Transition Without Problems

I chose Gregory Micallef Associates because we have used them in the past. Cost wasn’t the driving factor for us, it was GMA’s response to key questions asked and listening to our requirements. There is clear communication between departments at GMA. This helped to ensure that setting up our new cloud-based phone system has been a doddle compared to the number of hoops we have had to jump through in the past. The transition was smooth, quick and with no problems.

It is difficult to pick out a single benefit as we have seen many. The softphone is uncluttered and doesn’t take up the full screen of your PC and you can clearly see who is on a call and who isn’t. Its useability is far superior to our previous cloud phone system. The ability to have a chat conversation is built into the softphone without it being an additional chargeable feature, and the softphone in case of an emergency can be installed on a mobile phone, again not a chargeable extra! One big benefit is you can pretty much use the hosted 3CX system anywhere that has an internet connection.

If someone was undecided about choosing a cloud system, I would not hesitate to give GMA’s details and recommend the use of the 3CX system in a hosted/Cloud environment.

Logical Office

Tailored Service That Supports Remote Working

The biggest benefit I have found with using the cloud-based phone system supplied by GMA is the ability for remote workers to have full access to the telephone system. This is something we have not been able to do before. We are also enjoying having multiple lines which allows customers to select the right department. Both of these changes have helped to improve efficiency within the business.

Gregory Micallef Associates are very good at keeping us informed about what they will be doing and have tailored the system to fit our needs exactly. My advice to anyone looking for a solution that works for their business is to talk to GMA.


Clear Results with Project Investment Being Written Off in the First Year

I wholeheartedly recommend GMA, they are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I am very happy with the service they provided.  The 3CX solution supplied by GMA is much better than our previous separate and costly systems.

The results have been clear, and significant with the project investment being written off in the first year.

Great Customer Support

The system is easy to use and works smoothly giving us a good overall experience and GMA’s customer support team is great. They have been able to provide on-the-spot solutions and prompt resolutions to issues that suddenly arise. I recommend GMA and their 3CX solution for sales teams as it is versatile and flexible. Thanks to the customer service provided by GMA it is also very easy to set up.

We Did it And We Don’t Regret it.

The convenience of being able to answer calls while working out of the office is fantastic and offers us a flexibility we didn’t have before.

GMA are fully able to respond to queries in a timely manner and provided us with an individual and bespoke service, set-up to address our business needs.

We did it and don’t regret it at all!

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