Emotet : A Million Bucks per Incident

In the light of a reported recent victory by Europol in trying…
February 11, 2021/by admin
Two Laptops

What Is Zero Trust?

With mobile computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and now…
January 27, 2021/by admin
delete key

Data About You Held By UK Government

In this article, we look at not just the story of how a staggering…
January 20, 2021/by admin

Microsoft’s Password Manager Works Across Devices and Browsers

Microsoft has announced that its new Authenticator App will…
January 4, 2021/by admin

Personal Data Security Given Low Priority By Christmas Online Shoppers

A survey commissioned by PCI Pal® shows that Christmas…
January 4, 2021/by admin
Christmas laptop

Stay Safe Online This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner here are some suggestions…
December 16, 2020/by admin
vaccine vial

UK COVID Vaccine Maker Targeted By Suspected North Korean Hack

It has been reported that UK drug company AstraZeneca has been…
December 10, 2020/by admin
scam alert

HMRC Self Assessment Scam Warning

HMRC has issued a warning to those completing Self Assessment…
November 25, 2020/by admin
office worker

The Difference Between Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage

This article looks at the difference between cloud backup and…
November 25, 2020/by admin
screen reflection

Data Breaches : The Fallout

Data Breaches

A personal data breach, as defined by the UK’s…
November 18, 2020/by admin
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Scammer Accidentally Calls Cyber-Crime Squad

A hapless scammer pretending to be from a broadband network…
November 11, 2020/by admin

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In this article, we look at why bring your own device (BYOD)…
November 11, 2020/by admin