Microsoft Windows 10 Publicity Image

Windows is the standard operating system for business. Familiar to everyone, the latest version 10 comes with enhanced security and a more efficient and intelligent interface.

Up to date, but tested fully

Windows 10 is now delivered in a service-like upgrade model. The Pro version gives you the ability to switch-off the automatic feature updates delivered twice a year. You will continue to receive those important and critical security updates. You will want to do testing to make sure your software continues to work. GMA can do that for you as part of a regular support package or one a one-off basis.

Keeping safe

BitLocker encrypts your data, Hello introduces biometrics into your login process, Information Protection gates sensitive information – security is key to Windows. However, some of these features require additional services or hardware. As part of a security audit, we review your installation. Then we advise on how to make use of these features. We will also consider your central management of your IT through Active Directory. If you decide to go forwards, then we manage the installation and test everything before using it in an operational environment.

Windows efficiency

Microsoft has continued to refine their operating system. From an improved Start Menu, Action Centre for notifications, Ink input for compatible devices along with faster startup, shutdown and more efficient power usage, this version of Windows is the best yet.

With critical security updates only being provided to versions prior to 10 for a limited period, and versions prior to 7 no longer receiving any updates, it is time to start planning your upgrade.

Get ready for the latest version of Windows 10.

  • Lock Screen with Windows Hello

  • Windows 10 Start Menu

    Microsoft Windows 10 Publicity Image
  • Action Centre Notifications

  • Inking Input