Microsoft Teams

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Chat software is no longer just for casual social interaction. Now it is becoming the hub for the great ideas to flourish and drive your business forward. GMA can lead your transformation.

Your team’s hub

Modern work is about harnessing the diverse skills amongst your team. No longer do you have to structure this collaboration. Teams offers a place for everyone to come together when they need to. It pulls together all your content and tools in Office 365.

Flexible, connected

Any number of groups can be set up and they integrate with SharePoint, OneNote and Skype. Documents work right within the Teams app and you can schedule tasks, lists, make ad-hoc 1-1 conferences and group calls. You can integrate with 3rd party applications including Asana, Trello, Zendesk, Hootsuite and more.

Microsoft Teams comes as part of most of the business Office 365 packages.

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