Microsoft Surface hardware

Microsoft Surface Studio Publicity Image

Microsoft Surface has redefined premium hardware for Windows. From collaboration tools to helping drive mobile working, Surface offers a flexible range of products for your business. GMA will source the hardware and any accessories for you and then ensure it is configured and ready for your team.

Surface Pro

A tablet that is also a laptop. The high-resolution display with a 3:2 ratio features multi-touch technology and comes with a Surface Pen. Unlike other tablets, you can run the full version of your Microsoft Office software, the latest Windows 10 software delivers inking support and integrates fully into your security solutions.

Surface Studio

An all-in-one computer, the Surface Studio has a 28” screen and responds to touch. The optional Surface Dial opens up new ways to interact with your applications. Use as a standard desktop, or tilt it back to operate in Studio mode as a drafting table or artist’s canvas.

Surface Book

A laptop, with a detachable screen, the Surface Book is powerful and beautiful. The 3:2 ratio high-resolution screen comes with multi-touch input that works with an included Surface Pen. Powerful working on the go, can be supplemented with the optional Dock that with one connection from the laptop can charge your laptop, connect two external monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer and more.

Surface Laptop

A more traditional laptop, Microsoft has used premium materials across the design to deliver a well-balanced laptop. The screen accepts touch input if desired and can work with a range of Surface Accessories.

Surface Hub

Coming in either an 84” or 55” screen, the Hub is the ultimate collaboration device. Integrating with Skype for Business, bring teams together from any location to brainstorm, create, review and plan.

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