Microsoft Exchanage

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Microsoft Exchange delivers an email system that works across desktop computers, the web and mobile devices. With built-in security, compliance management and central control of your organisation’s communications, and integrated collaboration tools, Exchange is the standard-setter.

You have two options – on premises or hosted in the cloud. GMA can install, upgrade or manage your current email system for you. If you are currently using free web-based email then the significant improvements available through Microsoft Exchange can deliver greater efficiency, security and management features. We can help you make the move.

Keep it on site

The latest version – Exchange Server 2016 – combines with your Windows Server installation, to deliver an efficient and effective communications system. Get enhanced search functionality and each inbox is more personalised, helpful and intelligent. Either access it through your Intranet on a web-based interface or through Outlook across phones, tablets and desktops.

Attachments are handled more intelligently to improve collaboration and removes worries about versioning. Integrated data loss prevention prevents accidental leakage of sensitive information and you benefit from enhanced third party integration.

With co-existence with 2013 versions of Microsoft Exchange now streamlined, upgrading is easier. GMA can handle the transformation for you. Talk to us.

Go the cloud

Now you can get business class email by taking your Microsoft Exchange server online. Either get it as a separate package on a per-user basis or receive it as part of your Office 365 migration. Microsoft guarantee a 99.9% uptime rate with a financially-backed service level agreement. Data loss prevention stops mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorised people. Access through Outlook online, desktop, tablets and phones. Security and feature updates integrate automatically with this cloud-based solution and if a mobile device is lost or stolen, you can remove the data remotely.

If you are planning the transition, then we can help you with our Office 365 transition service.