GFI WebMonitor


Visiting the wrong website can let in many kinds of malware. With GFI WebMonitor, we could stop that happening. You can control the internet access of each member of your team to what they need. From a simple list of blocked websites, to an intelligent website categorisation system, improve productivity and security.

Threat protection

Three antivirus engines scan each download giving you excellent zero-day threat protection. Your network is also protected from malicious, phishing or vulnerable websites. Elevated levels of web-based threat protection from GFI WebMonitor.

Monitoring user searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo helps identify potential issues, such as attempts at bypassing GFI WebMonitor, and high-risk activity related to terrorism or weapons.

Control content and access

Social networks are important for marketing purposes, but games are not. Granular control allows you to control which elements of the social networks are available for you. Instant message and social control policies provide granular filtering capabilities. Block Gmail’s chat without stopping emails. GFI WebMonitor’s powerful tools put network managers in control.

Want to set limits on what time is available for accessing the web? Then surf time controls deliver powerful and flexible management of access times – balance productivity maintenance and employee satisfaction.

With real-time monitoring, administrators can block large unauthorised download activity as it occurs. Filter by category, website and user for live connections – then terminate them at will.

Application control

Web applications are becoming increasingly advanced and can be a security risk. Block them by name or category using advanced inspection technology. Choose from file sharing, instant messaging, social media, collaboration, media streaming, games amongst many categories. Daily updates keep the threat level as low as possible.


WebInsights provides high visibility into key web activity and security metrics. Get baseline models for user behaviour from historical activity. Put the raw data into context to seek out bandwidth consumption issues, security incidents or concerns over productivity. Now you can see where you should be, where you currently are and using the dashboards quickly locate the reason for any differences.

Alerts operate in real-time for you to anticipate high-risk scenarios. Large downloads, virus outbreaks, employee job searches, and viewing of inappropriate sites are among the issues immediately called to your attention

Remote filtering

Any machine once it has the GFI WebMonitor agent installed is managed regardless of whether they are attached to the network. The agent regularly connects back through online lookups to apply any policies defined on the on-site servers.

Transparent Proxy mode

Deploying GFI WebMonitor is easy through its Transparent Proxy. You do not have to configure each machine to use a proxy to access the web. It inserts itself into the network and routes all traffic through it. Guests who access your networks are subject to the same rules and controls as any other machine.

Mobile devices are similarly covered – no extra attack vector has been opened.


Take control of the web in your office.

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  • • Monitor and control web activity

  • Manage bandwidth and internet usage

  • Secure downloads and web browsing

  • Social Media Control

  • Offsite hardware control

  • Surf time control