GFI OneGuard


A powerful, yet simple to use, centralised hub for all your network’s security needs. Now you can understand the current location of all your equipment, the status of all the software upgrades across your network and how and be able to stay on top of protecting your network from virus infections. Designed around a series of modules, this software has been expanded and is set to gain more functionality.

Virus protection

Centrally manage virus protection across all your Windows servers and PCs* devices with a Kaspersky-powered core. You deploy an agent to each machine which updates with the latest definitions. Each machine gets real-time protection from one of the leading antivirus solutions. This is an elegant and powerful way to protect your network.

Central patch management

Keeping all your software up to date is challenging. With so many different software and operating systems to manage, ensuring the latest patches have deployed can be time-consuming. GFI OneGuard’s agent monitors each machine and reports back its current position. For all connected devices, you get a clear and simple report of what has and has not been installed, from where you can broadcast any updates when you want.

Asset tracking

How can you manage your network without knowing everything attached to it? GFI OneGuard will actively seek out and asses every device on your network. You will get back a full report on – amongst other metrics – what and where it is, what software is installed and any vulnerabilities. Perform your network and software audits from a central console and leave the system to manage it all.


Network management generates – and requires – masses of data. Cut through the clutter and deliver reports that get you the information you need. Select from a wide variety of reports covering resource analysis, hardware and software configurations or more to prepare business cases, reviews or a whole multitude of other reasons. PDF and Excel export, allows you to use the data flexibly.


Keep your users informed with a centralised broadcast messaging system. Need to alert on system events, downtime or anything else? Either broadcast system-wide or to selected users either ad-hoc or pre-defined.

Remote Shutdown/Reboot

Initiate a shutdown or restart of machines remotely. When you enforce the shutdown, the end user will get a notification and a countdown giving them time to save their current work. No need to call to ask them to restart – get it done yourself.

Install where you need it

Keep it on premises, monitor your cloud platform or do both. Whatever your infrastructure, GFI OneGuard will work with it to deliver a solution that works for you.

Licensing model

One solution, one installation and one invoice. You are billed once a year for the services you use. Simple, easy to predict, manage and maintain.

There is more to come with a roadmap including device control, server and services monitoring, web filtering and event log management. GFI OneCloud is a solution that will continue to grow and simplify your network management.

* Server 2016, 2012 (inc R2), 2008 (inc R2), Small Business 2011 & 2008, Essential Business 2008, Windows 7 & 10.

GFI OneGuard delivers an integrated solution for your end-user security needs.

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  • Comprehensive antivirus solution

  • Detailed reporting

  • Asset location and tracking

  • Messaging

  • Simple licensing

  • Remote shutdown/restart

  • Install anywhere