GFI OneConnect


GFI OneConnect keeps your email system safe and operational. Peace of mind for your Microsoft Exchange email servers. Continuity and protection features are built-in with a cloud-based infrastructure to ensure you keep running.

Spam filtering

GFI OneConnect with a multi-layered approach to filtering delivers over 99% capture rates , with limited false positives. Using a combination of Sender Policy Frameworks (SPF), SURBLs and RBL’s Bayesian analysis alongside other technologies keeps spam out of inboxes and reduces business risk.

Antivirus and malware protection

Combining two industry-leading antivirus technology foundations from Clam AV and Kaspersky, GFI OneConnect delivers double protection against malware and ransomware. Effective protection from email-based malware threats.

Email archiving

Every email automatically archived in a cloud-based environment, with integrated robust security to prevent tampering. No need to worry about Exchange mailbox storage limits. Fully searchable, you can retrieve any emails in just minutes. Keep your email server’s workload down.

Email continuity

If your Exchange server suffers from a failure, GFI OneConnect automatically begins accepting your emails. This standby system ensures that there is no loss of email services. When your server comes back online, simply deactivate with one click of a button. Automatic restoration of emails commences in the background while your users keep working as normal. With no emails lost and no duplication, this is transparent and effective failover protection.

Easy to use and deploy

Quick and easy setup to get you up and running. No dedicated additional staff or hardware is required*.

*GFI OneConnect cannot be installed on the same server as Microsoft Exchange.

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  • Spam filtering

  • Antivirus and malware protection

  • Email archiving

  • Email continuity

  • Easy deployment