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GFI Security

Portable devices such as USB sticks, smartphones and tablets bring increased risks of data leaks and malicious activity. GFI EndPointSecurity gives network managers the ability to block these from gaining access. Risk Assessment tools allow you to make intelligent decisions and keep your confidential information secure.

Portable security

When users connect to your network with a USB device containing unencrypted data, they are prompted to enter a password. GFI EndPointSecurity then encrypts all the contents on that device. Once complete, data is accessed normally, with the added benefit of being encrypted using a strong AES 256-bit or 128-bit algorithm.

GFI EndPointSecurity includes the Traveller Application, a program that enables users to access encrypted content when they are away from the office and in locations where the security agent is not installed. The program can also generate a report of failed attempts to access encrypted portable devices. Enforce encryption and restrict access to the travel application agent on a per user basis.

Automated control

Auto discovery features operate on pre-arranged schedules. Once detected, your pre-arranged options are applied. Enforce security policies, deploy agents directly to machines and set default policies through GFI EndPointSecurity. Spend time concentrating on security issues, not keeping up with each machine.

Whitelisting and blacklisting

Restrict file transfers based on file extension, physical port or across a range of portable device classes. Even the factory ID is a criterion for blocking with this powerful feature. Set access criteria for users or groups from never through periodic to full device access. Whitelist company-approved devices and have every other device blocked. With so many options, strong and effective control is easy to deliver.

Group security policies are set through Active Directory enforcement. No machine-by-machine configuration. Set policies for each user and have those policies enforced on every machine they use.

Status monitoring and alerts

GFI EndPointSecurity provides real-time status monitoring through its user interface. See statistical data presented as graphical charts, know the live status of the security agent and more.

Know when specific devices connect to the network with definable alerts. Choose from one or more recipients by email, network messages and SMS notifications delivered via an email-to-SMS gateway or service.

Activity logs

Connecting devices including storage with USB connections is a significant threat to your business. Small and easily hidden and with the capacities in the GBs, they store vast amounts of data. Either through full blocking of USB connected storage, or logging of all USB storage access, know what is happening with your data. A list of files accessed on any device is recorded every time an authorised connects a device and stored centrally for easy analysis.

The optional free ReportPack gives graphical reports of the data you need. See what is connected, look at user activity and see what files have been copied and more. Get both executive and technical reports.

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  • Dashboard access

  • Encryption

  • Auto-discovery

  • Status monitoring and alerts

  • Activity reports and logging

Get your endpoint security done properly.