Office Tips

There are many features in Office apps that can save you lots of time and effort.  Try our guides below to help you use office like a pro.


Word Tips

Concentrate and type more

Do whatever you want with one click

Get rid of the annoying welcome screen

Insert chunks of text with a click

Insert chunks of text with short codes

Do mass personal emailing

Print mass personal letters

Start a new document quicker


Excel Tips

Always see the headings when scrolling

Easily zoom in and out

Get to the top row without scrolling

Instantly see all data in columns & rows

Speed up typing

Do super-fast sums without formulas

Turn numbers into money with one click


Powerpoint Tips

Add sound to your slides

Change your pointer to grab attention

Create and insert screen recordings

Send the fonts in your presentation

Make everything symmetrical

Turn a word document into a PowerPoint

Use 3d models in your slides


Teams Tips

Blur or change your background on a video call

Look like you are in one room

Master all the shortcuts

Only allow interruptions from your boss

Quickly mute your mic during a call

Quickly turn off your camera during a call

Print mass personal letters

Stop the pings with do not disturb mode