How well has your IT support company been looking after you during lockdown?

We’ve been talking to a lot of local business owners and managers over the past few
weeks and we’ve heard some real horror stories about lazy IT support companies
where users are waiting hours, sometimes days, for feedback on their tickets
as well as companies not being able to access critical data easily when working from home.

Of course, the lockdown was so sudden, and meant massive changes for every
business. Just like most IT support companies, we had one of the busiest two weeks in our history.

But critically, we put our clients first and for the majority the work required was
logistical and user training working in the new environment. We made sure that
all our clients and their teams were set up correctly for safe, secure at home working.

We’ve been so humbled to receive fantastic praise from our clients. Like this:

The service provided by GMA to Niblock during this pandemic has not faltered. Your technical team have been proactive and responsive to all of the issues arising. Individual praise must go to Charlie who has dealt with my specific IT issues very professionally and represents your company particularly well in relation to customer service.

In summary, continued great service guys…well done and thank-you.

I wanted to drop you a line and advise you just how great your guys have been during this period.

We were really happy with the service we were getting prior to this; however, this has been reinforced during lockdown. Your guys are extremely responsive, helpful, pleasant to deal with, talk in language even tech dummies like me understand and are fair value for money.

I can honestly say you are the first IT company I have ever dealt with that I would highly recommend and am delighted to be working with.

Thanks again for your valued support.

If you have been let down by your current IT Support company then you are not alone, A lot of people just like you, have recently decided that it’s time to look for a new IT support company, because of the way they were treated during lockdown.

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