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10 unknown O365 apps

10 Apps you didn’t know you had in MS O365

Are you getting the most from Microsoft 365? Our new guide reveals 10 useful hidden apps in 365.

Break Fix

Break Fix… Time to switch

If your IT support company is ALWAYS fixing your technology, it’s time to switch. This guide shows how to improve profits with your IT partner’s Proactive Problem Prevention.

RansomWare Cover

5 Steps to Improve Your Ransomware Resilience

Security software is vital, but won’t 100% protect you from a ransomware attack. Our new guide shows 5 steps to give your business better ransomware resilience.

Windows 11 cover

WINDOWS 11 – The wait is over

Windows 11 is finally here, this guide shows exactly what you can expect from Windows 11. It also explains how you can make sure you’re ready to upgrade. It’s not as simple as clicking “download”, and there are strict hardware requirements.


Email Hijack

In Email Hijack we explore how the majority of attacks start with just one email. The book uses a fictitious story of a business owner being hacked to explain what can happen.

Technology insider

August 2021 Insider

August 2021 Technology Insider

In this issue we ask 3 scary questions about your data on your staff’s phones. We also look at increasing productivity and have our regular technology update section.

Sept 2021 Insider

September 2021 Technology Insider

In this issue we ask what repeat tasks could you automate? We also look at weak passwords and have our regular technology update section.

Oct Technology Insider

October 2021 Technology Insider

In the October issue we explain why software updates are so important, and ask if you know about dynamite phishing. We also have our regular technology update.

Noc 2021 Tech Insider Cover

November 2021Technology Insider

In November’s issue we look at the problem with reusing passwords, we show you what a man in the middle attack looks like, and we ask you how much you think about your browser. We also have the regular technology update section, and more.