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10 apps you're already paying for

10 Productivity apps in 365 you’re already paying for

Microsoft 365 is essential software for millions of businesses. But it’s easy to forget that it’s so much more than Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams and if you haven’t taken the time to properly explore it, you could be missing out on some business-changing applications. Our latest guide talks about 10 of the best productivity apps you may want to consider using.

AI – Where could it take your business?

AI – Where could it take your business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may feel futuristic and intimidating to some, but the truth is it’s neither. It is time for businesses to start embracing it… not just for day to day tasks, but to stay ahead of the competition and achieve real business growth. But where do you start with something that feels so… big? Our latest guide explains the various ways you can start to use AI right now to help revolutionise your business.

Nov Guide 23

Don’t forget home office security: A guide to keeping remote workers safe and secure

More people than ever are working remotely. That means they’re using home networks and maybe even personal devices… and if you’re not taking the right steps to keeping everything secure, your entire business could be at risk.
Our latest guide explains the security measures you need to consider to keep your team’s home set-ups as secure as your office.

Protect your business from these cyber security threats in 2024

On the battle front: Protect your business from these cyber security threats in 2024

We’re weeks away from the new year and this is a great time to start thinking about what needs to get better in 2024. We believe you should allocate a little more of your business’s precious resources on cyber security, because as technology develops, so do the techniques used by cyber criminals. Our latest guide explains what the risks are in 2024 and beyond, and the security measures to stay protected.

Jan 2024 Guide

Why outsourced IT always beats DIY

Did we ever tell you about our friend Dave? Dave’s a business owner, just like you. And, maybe just like you, Dave struggled to let go of some of the things he did in his business. Whether it’s because you’re trying to save money, you don’t trust anyone to do things as well as you do, or maybe there’s another reason, one thing’s for sure: when you try to do everything yourself, you hold your business back. And that includes DIY’ing your IT. Our brand new guide tells you exactly what happened to Dave, and what he should have done way, way sooner.

Feb 2024 Guide

How proactive monitoring will help your business weather any storm

You’re the captain of your own ship and have an excellent crew, you are prepared for anything! Or so you thought. Then one day, out of the blue, a massive digital kraken tentacled its way into your ship’s systems, causing havoc. What you needed was a vigilant lookout, alert for any small sign of danger. This is the difference between being proactive about monitoring your business’s systems, or reactive. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Our latest guide explains everything you need to know about proactive monitoring for your business.


Email Hijack

In Email Hijack we explore how the majority of attacks start with just one email. The book uses a fictitious story of a business owner being hacked to explain what can happen.

Technology insider

Tech Insider Sept 23

September 2023 Technology Insider

This month’s newsletter tells you how to create a digital transformation plan that guarantees success thanks to employee buy-in. We tell you how to turn phishing scams into learning opportunities, we look at Bing’s new ‘no search’ feature, and give an introduction to ‘People view’ in OneDrive. Plus the usual tech facts and quiz.

October 2023 Technology Insider

October 2023 Technology Insider

In October’s issue we investigate the security of collaboration tools, we tell you about Chrome’s plans to highlight risky extensions, we look at custom instructions coming to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, and ask if AI is for you. Finally, we have the usual tech facts and quiz.

Technology Insider 23

November 2023 Technology Insider

In November’s Technology Insider we look at three cyber security threats your teams must know about, 5 habits smart remote workers should have, and a new battery-saving feature from Windows 11. Plus, there is our must-have tech gadget of the month and the usual tech facts and quiz.

December 2023 Technology Insider

December 2023 Technology Insider

This month we’re wondering whether Google is setting a good example when it comes to keeping your business secure, is a one-size-fits-all approach ever the solution? We give you our take and suggest the right way to create your own business security strategy, we tell you why you should never use third-party apps, and look at phishing attacks which have increased significantly in the third quarter of this year. Plus we have the usual tech facts and quiz.

Tech Insider Jan 2024

January 2024 Technology Insider

In the first edition of 2024 we suggest 7 things you must include on your IT strategy for 2024, we say goodbye to Microsoft’s Tips app for Windows 11, and we ask if your business is part of the 21%. Plus we have the usual tech facts and quiz.

Feb 2024 Tech Insider

February 2024 Technology Insider

Welcome to the February 2024 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter. In this month’s newsletter we take a look at notifications and how they could be a nuisance for your team, and we have a three-step plan to help you tackle the notification dilemma. So everyone can enjoy a better work/life balance. Also inside: Your number one security “must-have”, why sharing files is about to get easier, and we say goodbye to Windows speech recognition. Plus, we have the usual tech facts and quiz.