It takes just one click on a dodgy email, and the hackers are inside your business

Scary thing is, they’re targeting the smartest people (including you)

You’ve probably heard of phishing attacks. But do you know what phishing actually means?

At its simplest, it’s a hacker sending you an email, pretending to be someone else. Perhaps a supplier sending an invoice. Or an email from a customer.

And someone in your business clicks on the link, genuinely not meaning to do any harm. But… oops… BANG – just like that, the hacker gets access to their computer. And often from there can spread into other parts of your IT system.

We’re an IT data security company, and we see this all the time. It’s scary how good hackers are.

Please don’t think your staff are too smart to fall for such a thing. In our experience, the smartest most reliable people are the ones most likely to fall for it.

(that includes you, by the way)

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